Full Spectrum Magnesium Spray

We created our products to be
a little bit different

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No Transformation
100% Brine

FULL SPECTRUM – 100% natural-state, raw, unrefined brine with a host of naturally present oligoelements. A rare purity yet an abundant source. The only transdermal magnésium source with batch control analysis. We use no chemical treatments or solvents which are the unfortunate industry-wide practice.



99% of the major brands in the US market will not give a certificate of origin. They claim it is proprietary information. The word Zechstein can mean nothing without the Zechstein Inside® trademark and usually leads to inexpensive industrial magnesium. Can you call their source ? With us you can.

Healthy Glass

We use noble blue protective glass to avoid contamination of endocrine disrupters which leak from soft plastics. We do not recommend using magnesium oils sold in plastic bottles to avoid adverse effects on the hormonal system. Our caps are DEHP, BPA, PVC and phtalate free.

Featured Products


Full Spectrum Topical Magnesium
2 Month Supply (7 Oz)
in Noble Glass



Full Spectrum Topical Magnesium
4 Month Supply (2 x 7oz)
In Noble Glass + Free Booklet



FULL SPECTRUM Topical Magnesium – Extended Supply (4 x 7oz)

$ 89.95


***A decade of client experience shows it can take over a year to heal magnesium deficiency. Many use 6-12 bottles in the first year and use 50% less in subsequent years. It costs $3 a week. Mg affects over 750 processes in the body. 95% of Mg is chemically treated and refined, but not ours.

The Benefits of Magnesium Absorption

Magnesium is the master mineral, affecting hundreds of key processes within the human body. If you have yet to try magnesium to improve your overall well-being, here are just a few of the many benefits it offers.

What Others Are Saying


“I am really glad this quality of magnesium is available in glass!”

- Dr. Mark Sircus
Author of "Transdermal Magnesium Therapy"


“Without enough daily magnesium, the body accumulates toxins and acid residues, degenerates rapidly and ages prematurely.”

- Dr. Carolyn Dean
"The Magnesium Miracle"


“This is the best magnesium out there!”

- Asher Cowan
CEO of Dr.Tom Cowan's Garden


“I love how this full spectrum magnesium is open to scrutiny and analysis. Great information.”

- Dr. Joel Rosen
Host - Adrenal Fix Podcast


“Can I please get one of those blue bottles from you?”

- Sally Fallon
President - Weston A. Price Foundaton