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Zechstein Inside ® Transdermal Magnesium or Magnesium Threonate

Zechstein Inside ® Transdermal Magnesium or Magnesium Threonate

With all the buzz around the patented and expensive molecule, Magnesium L-Threonate, we thought it would be wise to bring some common sense into the discussion of this synthetically “attached”molecule.
Magnesium Threonate is not a new creation. Although I do not doubt that it can cross the blood brain barrier (BBB), many other forms of magnesium can as well.  It is an intelligent way to control this mineral for sale, and to shift the narrative away from the growing interest  in full spectrum Transdermal Magnesium. To be fair, it may be a better choice than some other types of magnesium pills, but unseen consequences of synthetic compounds in the brain have yet to be studied pertaining to this molecule. This magnesium mineral is synthetically attached to Threonate, which is an acid in the phosphate family which is part of the vitamin C-complex. The danger of synthetic L-form molecules is that they only mimic one part, the shell, of the natural version of the same compound. This molecule administered to the brain will lack the full spectrum of the vitamin C-complex. This forces the brain to use up the many co-factors, stored in the brain, that are naturally a part of the C-complex which contributes to new, more insidious deficiencies in such a critical organ. Co-factors such as rutin, Vitamin P, other mineral co-factors etc. Which tissue in the human body is overflowing with the full spectrum Vitamin C-complex? The adrenals have an abundance of vitamin C, but also the conjunctive tissue and matrix in the skin’s dermal layers. Transdermal magnesium, which is magnesium chloride, the base form of magnesium in the human body blends with the full vitamin C-complex as the magnesium chloride molecule passes through the skin. This 24 hour chemical marriage in the dermal tissue allows for a natural compounding of these acids which soften the magnesium mineral rendering it more bio-available, without creating any new deficiencies as the skin does all the calculation, no pills or patented molecules or middlemen required.   If applied to the head, neck and cervical region, transdermal magnesium, can bring a direct and rapid application to this critical area. Transdermal magnésium can even be used for the removal of heavy metals and especially aluminum. The marketing for magnesium threonate is such that it is deemed the only molecule to cross the blood brain barrier (BBB). We do not oppose the need of these supplements for certain situations, but this statement is untrue. Newly discovered vascular brain ganglia allows for the lymph to enter into the brain from the cervical region. In addition, magnesium has been studied and proven to be able to chelate many neuro-toxins such as flourides, halogens, mercury, endocrine disruptors and aluminum. Time to get our brains back, the natural way, backed up by our Greek and Roman ancestors who bathed in the waters of Magnesia, in Ancient Greece. Begin your 4 month daily application today. Buy here the highest quality from Veendam, Netherlands. Where the natural resource is found. Always sold in healthy glass bottles.

Transdermal Magnesium and the Lungs : Flu, SARS, Coronavirus, COVID19, Asthma, Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Emphysema

Magnesium and the Lungs

– Ever heard of mineral reps.? I imagine not. But drug reps. are everywhere. Un-patented, natural molecules are of no interest to drug companies, except for disinformation campaigns. The editor-in-chief of The Lancet, the nations top medical journal, has concluded that up to 50% of research literature is false, due, of course, to conflicts of interests and selectively motivated funding. In this false research paradigm, one must use one’s own experience, intuition and reason to find the truth.

Magnesium and Coronavirus or Influenza (the flu)

-Transdermal magnesium applied to the chest allows for an increase in cellular magnesium. The dermis and the subcutaneous fat layers in the skin allow for acidification processes and lipid conjugation to allow for optimal assimilation of the chloride molecule. This molecule is a strong anti-bacterial. Magnesium chloride also has a strong chelation potential when it has not been chemically refined or treated. This allows for a detoxification of contaminants, bacteria, toxins, acid residues, heavy metals and even endocrine disruptors, especially if preserved in glass bottles (not plastic). -Magnesium chloride has been used in France as the number one natural remedy to prevent or fight the flu and the common cold for over 80 years. This also can apply to the Coronavirus (COVID19). Unlike magnesium sulfates’ paracellular exchanges, magnesium chloride interacts with the cell itself, detoxifying the core.

Magnesium and Asthma, Bronchitis, Emphysema, COPD, Pneumonia

-Magnesium helps improve the healthy response rate of a methacholine challenge, which is a test that reveals spasm and tension in the pulmonary tissue, brochodilation and thus overall flexibility. -Vaporized, nebulous magnesium is the primary remedy for acute asthma. -St. Lukes Hospital confirmed a 77% readmission rate for those suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) where low serum magnesium levels are found.

Magnesium and Viruses

Herpes simplex virus, cold sores and fever blisters can be stopped in their tracks through application of non-chemically treated transdermal magnesium (only a small percentage of transdermal magnesium brands). Magnesium may be the most commonly used supplement in chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. Epstein-Barr Virus infection may be common in ME/CFS. Recent research into EBV and magnesium suggests that low magnesium and EBV infections go hand in hand.

Magnesium and Chelation

Magnesium and Chelation – How to detoxify heavy metals, aluminum and endocrine disruptors from the body.

Magnesium deficiency is an obstacle to the chelation of toxins. Magnesium Disodium versions of EDTA (Magnesium Disodium EDTA (C10H12MgN2Na2O8)), the most widely recognized chelation agent for heavy metals and certain minerals, can be easily found in medical literature and needs no introduction here (1). This EDTA stands as proof of magnesium’s role in the synergy of chelation in the human body. How acids and metals or certain mineral salts react outside of the body, by mixing industrially produced acids to specific metals to produce combined forms, should not be confused with the “seemingly identical” process mirrored within the living human body. In the living body, enzymes play a key role in these interactions. Magnesium is involved in all of these interactions through the enzymes’ own dependence on magnesium for a more perfect transformation, catalyzation, chelation or conjugation. Magnesium is an essential factor for enzyme efficiency. Magnesium is also a natural calcium channel blocker, reducing the cell’s rigidity. Many supplements which have been made outside the body such as magnesium malate, magnesium citrate, magnesium aspartate, magnesium glycinate, magnesium threonate, etc., differ from the R-form, natural and  mirror molecule within the living body. The body creates these forms from the base magnesium chloride molecule by acidification processes combined with lipid molecules (fats) to create what it needs internally. This does not mean that these supplements do not have value as they can be helpful in certain situations. However, once the transdermal route for magnesium chloride is understood fully in the future, as it was in the past through the Roman and Greek thallaso, bath and thermal culture of Antiquity, we will realize that the skin is the ideal, yet overlooked, place for these transformations into the various magnesium combinations the body needs. Malic acid is a well known chelation agent of aluminum in the body (2). Aluminum is one of the most pervasive toxins in the environment and in the body. Malic acid is not only found in apples but it is also found at the cellular level and is part of the ATP cycle, known as the malate-aspartate shuttle. Magnesium combines with malic acid to form magnesium malate, which becomes a fierce detoxifier of aluminum in the body. Many cosmetics use malic acid as it falls under the category of AHA (alpha-hydroxy acids), beneficial catalysts in the propagation of skin cells and tissue regeneration. The skin, as a barrier, has a natural acidity. The acids in the skin act not only as a protective agent, but as in the process of fermentation, they help create a living flora on the skin. When applied, magnesium chloride brine, the base form of magnesium from the sea or from crystallized sea strata within the Earth, penetrates into the skin and combines with these acids in the first layer, then fats in the next layers, to be better assimilated and used by the body. Magnesium is also a well known antagonist to the fixation of aluminum (along with calcium), if optimal levels of magnesium are maintained. Nutrient-dense nutrition alongside the transdermal application practiced by our ancestors, as mentioned above, is key here. In France, doctors still prescribe bathing in certain mineral-rich waters found throughout France for many different conditions from rheumatism, to fatigue, stress, and lung disorders. Many in America have forgotten these traditions. Magnesium is also an antagonist to cadmium, lead, nickel, and beryllium absorption in the body (3)(4)(5). Increased magnesium intake facilitates the elimination of cadmium through urinary excretion (4). Magnesium along with a healthy metabolism is also antagonistic to lead absorption in the vital organs.

Why is purity so important for the chelation and removal of modern toxins, heavy metals, endocrine disruptors and the acid residues which cause aging ?

A naturally formed soft stone called bischofite, found in the crystalized Zechstein Sea deposits underneath the city of Veendam in Holland, contains the only form of pure magnesium chloride. 95% of magnesium oils, magnesium chloride, magnesium carbonate and the base form of magnesium used to create most supplements come from chemically treated, solvent treated magnesium deposits. These deposits must then be “upgraded”, the industry-wide term for this, to separate the “derivative magnesium” from potassium, heavy metals and other contaminants such as bromine (Dead Sea) or mercury (Salt Lake). This magnesium is stripped and sterilized to be the isolated substance MgCl. Whereas natural magnesium chloride, being pure in its natural state without contaminants, allows for a better uptake by magnesium dependent enzymes. These enzymes, in turn, create stronger bonds, more efficient conjugation and more efficient uptake, through their acidic conjugations, such as magnesium malate, to better remove aluminum and other toxins. One does not need a study to know that one can build better with the stones that nature intended.

Why are glass containers so important ?

If, instead of pouring pure, low-oxygen sealed, 1000 liter cubes of magnesium oil into glass bottles, one decided to pour this substance into thousands of user-end, soft, made for appearance, thin plastics we would effectively increase by 500% the level of exposure of the dry-oil substance to endocrine disruptors and micro-plastics. Endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDC) absorb quickly into the oil when one multiplies the surface area contact. Additional leeching would occur, during storage and usage, as the plastic degrades in contact with halogens, lighting and oxygen. This would not only reduce the initial quality of the substance but it would limit the magnesium’s capacity, through magnesium-dependent enzymes in the body, to remove these same endocrine disruptors from the body. “First, do no harm” is the first rule of medicine. However EDC’s found in the tissues can be removed and reduced through transpiration. Transpiration has been proven, in animal studies, to remove these chemicals in conjunction with adequate magnesium levels. These two components are also found in sweat samples. It is a simple logic that the less you contaminate yourself with EDC’s, especially for such an important mineral such as magnesium, the less effort (years) it will take to remove them. Sources : (1) (2) Comparative effects of several chelating agents on the toxicity, distribution and excretion of aluminium. Domingo JL1, Gómez M, Llobet JM, Corbella J. (3) Correlations between magnesium and heavy metals in blood and sixteen tissues of rabbits. Speich M1, Auget JL, Arnaud P. (4) Contribution to interaction between magnesium and toxic metals: the effect of prolonged cadmium intoxication on magnesium metabolism in rabbits. Soldatovi D., Matovi V., Vujanovi D., Stojanovi Z. (5) Antagonism between cadmium and magnesium: a possible role of magnesium in therapy of cadmium intoxication. Matovi V., Plamenac Bulat Z., Djuki-Cosi D., Soldatovi D.

The Truth About Magnesium Oil (Topical Magnesium, Transdermal Magnesium)

The Truth About Magnesium Oil Spray

– We realize that many companies selling magnesium oil spray are raising awareness about the needed transdermal application for magnesium deficiency. This is positive. Our objective is to bring clarity to the market so that any dishonest practices do not cloud the understanding of such a great and important mineral to the general population. The US market is rampant with such claims. To pick one example, one can buy Italian labelled sausages with an Italian flag, Italian city name and words written in Italian only to find out, by looking it up online, that they were made in the US from soy-fed animals none the less! What a tangled web we weave…

Concerning the US market

Most of the brands selling magnesium oil spray in the US market use solvent extracted, chemically treated magnesium, which has been treated to remove heavy metals and contaminants found in undiscerning rock strata. This generic magnesium is usually a derivative from potassium mining operations. Some use inland salt brines from Mongolia, or even local sea brine deposits  which must be heavily treated for contaminants such as bromine and mercury. USP grade is not a marker of molecular magnesium quality, especially since USP guidelines have low standards. Many brands import from Asia and remarket or hide the origins. Some US brands claim Zechstein origins today, who were initially buying from the original and only Zechstein source (in Veendam, Netherlands) but stopped buying from them many years ago. This was reported to us by a few clients who had simply contacted the source. The only batch controlled, natural Zechstein magnesium salt pillow deposit formation in Holland is found in Veendam. Did these companies expand, stop ordering from the source, and then seek a cheaper alternative elsewhere without informing anyone of such changes in quality? Without the Zechstein Inside® registered trademark, it is hard to confirm the actual origin. One can call the source and ask for yourselves. Total transparency.

Concerning Europe

In Europe the brands are more in alignment with the source in Veendam as Europeans are closer to the bath, spa and thermal cure culture of Roman times and still hold the value of these European traditions. A small number of brands import from Asia. Solvent treated, inexpensive magnesium  from China is  also sold through distributors in Holland using false Zechstein origin claims!! Magnesium oil analysis can be done in laboratories in Holland but without actual verification as to the origin of the samples. A perfect way to sell fake Zechstein magnesium to the world at large for pennies on the dollar through the accessible Holland Port system. The word Zechstein, which is sometimes used to describe a geological period (i.e. Permian etc.), cannot be protected. However, the Zechstein Inside® trademark is protected and guarantees zero transformation, high purity, and the origin. 80% of the world’s magnesium comes from Asia and more specifically the Qimdai basin, which is a mineral exploitation operation on the Tibetan Plateau. Working conditions and asbestos mining aside, this place is a hell on earth where potassium and chemically treated derivative magnesium are mined.

Most products seem to work, to some degree, so why does it matter?

Magnesium deficiency is widespread, so all forms of magnesium can help in some way. Bonding, uptake, chelation and catalyzation from everything from enzymes and hormones down to the healing of the nervous system all demand the best molecular quality for their execution. For $3 dollars a week for a pristine source in healthy glass bottles, it is wise to get the best you can for such an important mineral involved in over 800 processes in the human body. Why take a risk for a few bucks ? Were talking less than $60 a year to help heal the most important deficiency that has been called the deficiency of the century.

Everyone uses plastic, so why does it matter?

ALL the major brands in the US market use inexpensive plastic which contaminates the magnesium oil with yet to be officially “recognized” endocrine disruptors. Look how long it took to recognize BPA as unsafe while we consumed it in everything for years. Soft, user end plastics mimic estrogen by their very nature and plasticity. As for global transport, 1000 kilogram totes (cubes) of magnesium oil in hard plastic, low-oxygen sealed containers may be used during 10-18 day boat transport as this is unavoidable for many but quick, low oxygen transport has a low product-to-exposed-surface-area ratio. Others may bottle at the source. However, the real contamination happens at the user end. Contamination of micro-plastic chemicals happens when the surface area of exposure is multiplied into millions of plastic bottles, in conjunction with oxygen, temperature and light, This degradation happens not only on the shelves but especially as we use them. Softer plastics leach the most and not just BPA but also BPS. Harder PE plastics such as BPA and BPS free tubes and caps are less of an issue and are also less essential once we purchase and begin using the product as topical magnesium must be massaged into the skin by pouring into the hand anyway rendering spray caps optional for many. Glass is the best option to avoid phthalates from plastics that are known endocrine disruptors (Bisphenol A (BPA), BPS, PVC, DEHP, etc.). A summary of the findings of studies conducted and published in Canada in 2011 reveals their harmful effects on humans. There is a high probability of the following adverse effects associated with phthalate absorption, even at low doses: • Toxic to the brain and nervous system • Appearance of cancer • Male fertility problems. • Alteration in the functioning of the thyroid `. • Insulin resistance development • Decreased urogenital distance in newborns • Promotes weight gain at the abdominal level • Favors the appearance of allergic rhinitis and asthma • Reduced mobility of sperm cells • Toxic to the respiratory system • DNA mutagenic effect • An early appearance of puberty in young girls • Increases the risk of premature births It is important to discern authentic Zechstein origin products. It is a game changer at the molecular level. To conclude with a quote :  “In the lucid mind deception finds no harbor”. Do it right. It’s your health!

What is full spectrum magnesium ?

Without 6-point full spectrum magnesium there is no real detoxification. Only the most basic deficiency is met by half spectrum magnesium which is 99% of the magnesium on the US market.

There are six major points to what one could call full spectrum magnesium :

1) The Transdermal Route

Understanding the skin as the superior and traditional method of healing this widespread deficiency. Understanding the skin’s role in bringing the magnesium chloride molecule from mineral rich waters into the body. Associating it with acidity processes and fat layers as it proceeds into the deeper tissues so it can be used by the body without a host of patented and expensive supplements. The natural way.

2) Zechstein Inside® Natural State Magnesium

Natural state magnesium chloride is found in great abundance underneath the city of Veendam, Netherlands where a unique source was created like no other place on Earth. Naturally formed Bischofite, a soft translucent stone of pure magnesium chloride found here is unequaled when compared to 99% of magnesium which is solvent extracted from generic impure deposits which use chemicals to remove calcium, potassium, mercury, bromine, etc. Only the Zechstein Inside® logo can guarantee this origin. All other fake Zechstein “Genuine” or “Ancient” products use the Zechstein name but are often imported (80%) from Asia (Tibetan exploitation) and remarketed to appear as if they are from Europe. Why does it matter? Because a solvent treated magnesium molecule has its tentacles neutered and becomes a weaker molecule. This base molecule is then used to make our supplements: citrates, glycinates, orotates, pidolates, threonates etc. In the case of threonates, the marketing is such that it is deemed the only molecule to cross the blood brain barrier. We do not oppose the need of these supplements for certain situations, but this statement is untrue. Newly discovered vascular brain ganglia allows for the lymph to enter into the brain from the cervical region. In any case the base neutered molecule for all of these L-form molecules, is less capable of conjugation, uptake, bonding, enzymatic catlyzation and can show a reduction in membrane transport capacity. Not to mention it no longer has the same power of chelation for the removal of heavy metals.

3) Glass Bottles

The “keys and locks” feature of magnesium concerning membrane transport into the cells should make one wary of associating plastic compounds, endocrine disruptors, BPA, BPS, PVC, phtalates etc. with this essential molecule. Although it is impossible to avoid these chemicals to some degree, magnesium should be free of them as much as possible. The reason is that when the tentacles of the magnesium molecule do not enter the cell with such chemicals already attached, they are capable of removing the excess of such chemicals at the cellular and intracellular level. Although transport and industry may not allow for absolute purity, it is the multiplication of surface area when pouring transdermal magnesium into thousands of soft user-end plastics that increases by over 500% the contamination of endocrine disrupting plastics. Plastic packaging is almost always a purely economical decision and therefore not an indicator of principle, especially in the case of liquid magnesium which may be contaminated easily via contact, oxidation, halogen lighting and shelf storage not to mention while using it where more oxygen based degradation happens to the cell wall of the soft plastic containers.

4) Full Strength / No Dilution

Many brands dilute the magnesium so they can reduce the tingling effect it has on the skin. They do this without telling you. It is always better to have full strength as this works best for the majority, and let the consumer dilute if needed. Once you change the molecular weight of the product by dilution it no longer penetrates the dermal layers with the same efficiency.

5) 100% Brine – Nothing added

A truly natural state molecular game-changer. Made by nature over 250,000 years. Many brands add ingredients or create complex cosmetics in order to create trademarked compositions which cannot be copied, but these added ingredients are unnecessary and alter the base function of magnesium transport. Prefer 100% natural brine (texture is like a dry oil) with its own natural oligoelements.

6) Detoxification

Without all of these factors met, the detoxification powers of magnesium are limited. One can feel a bit better taking half spectrum magnesium products which make up nearly all of the US market as magnesium deficiency is underlying many conditions today. However, as with oral supplementation and its long term effects on the kidneys, one may do some good and some harm at the same time and only get their head above water. In order to detox properly, the body needs an abundance of magnesium in the soft tissue and at the intracellular level. Full spectrum brings you above ground on a solid foundation, allowing for an exodus of toxins including endocrine disruptors which cause weight gain and fertility issues, acid residues which cause aging, heavy metals especially aluminum which is in our air, water, food, packaging, medicines etc. Finally we master the sword using ancestral wisdom and a modern format. After all the Greek and Roman bath culture centered around Magnesia for a reason. We find the right antidote for our slew of modern toxins on top of healing the base inflammation and magnesium deficiency. For only 3$ a week, the right choice is available to most everyone. WIN! WIN!

Why did the Greeks First Settle in the Region of Magnesia?

An open question to our readers? Why did the ancient inhabitants of the region known today as Greece, which became the founding culture of Western civilization, begin around Magnesia? Did the Greeks have knowledge of the regional high magnesium limestone that could be dissolved with heat into the baths or even a concentrated viscous brine (a derivative of salt mining for which Greece was famous) for the skin, directly or through natural spring, or man-made limestone baths? Did that knowledge allow for zero magnesium deficiency, contrary to our 95% deficient Western culture of today, and therefore allow for the stronger bones, tissues, nerves and brains of our ancestors?. Can we truly find full health if this valuable wisdom of the past is not recovered and brought into a modern light and application?

The Mystery of Antiquity: How Heated Magnesium Limestone Created the Healing Waters of History

Check out our new podcast on this essential subject : click here. Wellness comes from the word for water for good reason. The Greeks laid the foundation. From Loutraki to Epsom, from Bath, England to the Dolomites in Italy and back around to Spa in Belgium, what was the secret ingredient  for wellness in the ancient world? Those truths still hold today.  How does our current 200 year magnesium deficiency lead to hypoxic structures in the body and thus cancer?

Cancer and Magnesium (as an Image).

The result : nutrient and also tissulary deficiency (topical, baths, thermals) over 200 years leading to hypoxia in the tissues as low mag renders the tissues and bones less flexible and less oxygenated, in tandem with calcium takeover.

Studies Confirming Absorption of Topical Magnesium

Our Skin is Alive!

Where mechanistic and reductionist science sees death, there is often a less apparent life process behind it. The stratum corneum (the outermost layer of the skin) is embedded in cholesterol and fatty acids which lead to and from the circulatory system and lymphatic system (see photo). The cells are alive and the structures are too. The unplugged or empty hair follicules which, even if they only make up 1% of the surface of the skin, have the capacity along with each cell via magnesium transporters to bring magnesium into the deeper layers. The bathtub drain is only 1% of the bathtub but it can perform none the less.  The selective permeability of the cell membrane, with its variations of firmness or openness at any given moment, is quite a mystery to black and white thinking. Beware of patented molecule marketing lingo which tells you that only the oral route has validity. They are light years behind because they have lost their powers of observation. They are even finding vascular ganglia in the brain which cross the blood brain barrier. So everything is alive and receptive when necessary. 99% of studies are not done on actual bischofite, that is, magnesium chloride (not sulfate) in its natural state without any refining, processing, chemical treatment or extraction; without association with a cream, or aloe vera or any other interference with its cellular function (membrane transport, conjugation, uptake, bonding, enzymatic activation, etc.).  The half truth of patented molecules and pills will tenaciously resist, with plenty of well funded studies, against anything that, by greater coherency, replaces that paradigm. Health is not possible without the wisdom of our ancestors. Magnesia was one of the key origins of Western civilization for a good reason: without the transdermal wisdom, without the soft stone natural magnesium chloride deposits in their local region; they would not have been able to maintain the bones, the mind, the heart, and the very tissue of our existence in an optimal state–leading to the degeneration of the species. We will not regain our health without their guidance, that is, without an open, receptive and reverant mind. Experience is a big part of wisdom and most of our experience is not in a labaratory. Life is not theory afterall–it must be lived.

Does magnesium oil really absorb through the skin?

7 studies to prove that transdermal magnesium absorbs into the body through the skin. We have posted 5 out of 7  studies of which we were able to obtain downloadable copies below. More studies are available online. Despite the overall resistance to natural state products which cannot be patented, transdermal magnesium is making its way toward the center of the health conscious. Study : Transdermal delivery of magnesium in vitroskin absorption Result : Absorption through the skin started with immediate effect Study : The impact of transdermal magnesium on serum levels and whole body CaMg ratios Result : Magnesium uptake 5 times faster than tablets Study : Migraine Action Association Study Result : Magnesium reduces severity and frequency of attacks Study : Transdermal magnesium chloride effects on the quality of life for patients with fibromyalgia Result : Significant benefit for fibromyalgia sufferers Study : Permeation of topically applied magnesium ions through human skin is facilitated by hair follicles Result : Hair follicles significantly contribute towards topical magnesium absorption by up to 40%. Study : Effect of transdermal magnesium cream on serum and urinary magnesium levels in humans Result : Transdermally applied magnesium chloride significantly increased magnesium levels in participants