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Cancer and Magnesium (as an Image).

The result : nutrient and also tissulary deficiency (topical, baths, thermals) over 200 years leading to hypoxia in the tissues as low mag renders the tissues and bones less flexible and less oxygenated, in tandem with calcium takeover.

Studies Confirming Absorption of Topical Magnesium

Our Skin is Alive!

Where mechanistic and reductionist science sees death, there is often a less apparent life process behind it. The stratum corneum (the outermost layer of the skin) is embedded in cholesterol and fatty acids which lead to and from the circulatory system and lymphatic system (see photo). The cells are alive and the structures are too. The unplugged or empty hair follicules which, even if they only make up 1% of the surface of the skin, have the capacity along with each cell via magnesium transporters to bring magnesium into the deeper layers. The bathtub drain is only 1% of the bathtub but it can perform none the less.  The selective permeability of the cell membrane, with its variations of firmness or openness at any given moment, is quite a mystery to black and white thinking. Beware of patented molecule marketing lingo which tells you that only the oral route has validity. They are light years behind because they have lost their powers of observation. They are even finding vascular ganglia in the brain which cross the blood brain barrier. So everything is alive and receptive when necessary.

99% of studies are not done on actual bischofite, that is, magnesium chloride (not sulfate) in its natural state without any refining, processing, chemical treatment or extraction; without association with a cream, or aloe vera or any other interference with its cellular function (membrane transport, conjugation, uptake, bonding, enzymatic activation, etc.).  The half truth of patented molecules and pills will tenaciously resist, with plenty of well funded studies, against anything that, by greater coherency, replaces that paradigm.

Health is not possible without the wisdom of our ancestors. Magnesia was one of the key origins of Western civilization for a good reason: without the transdermal wisdom, without the soft stone natural magnesium chloride deposits in their local region; they would not have been able to maintain the bones, the mind, the heart, and the very tissue of our existence in an optimal state–leading to the degeneration of the species. We will not regain our health without their guidance, that is, without an open, receptive and reverant mind. Experience is a big part of wisdom and most of our experience is not in a labaratory. Life is not theory afterall–it must be lived.

Does magnesium oil really absorb through the skin?

7 studies to prove that transdermal magnesium absorbs into the body through the skin.

We have posted 5 out of 7  studies of which we were able to obtain downloadable copies below. More studies are available online. Despite the overall resistance to natural state products which cannot be patented, transdermal magnesium is making its way toward the center of the health conscious.
Study : Transdermal delivery of magnesium in vitroskin absorption
Result : Absorption through the skin started with immediate effect

Study : The impact of transdermal magnesium on serum levels and whole body CaMg ratios
Result : Magnesium uptake 5 times faster than tablets

Study : Migraine Action Association Study
Result : Magnesium reduces severity and frequency of attacks

Study : Transdermal magnesium chloride effects on the quality of life for patients with fibromyalgia
Result : Significant benefit for fibromyalgia sufferers

Study : Permeation of topically applied magnesium ions through human skin is facilitated by hair follicles
Result : Hair follicles significantly contribute towards topical magnesium absorption by up to 40%.

Study : Effect of transdermal magnesium cream on serum and urinary magnesium levels in humans
Result : Transdermally applied magnesium chloride significantly increased magnesium levels in participants

FAKE ZECHSTEIN ??? No Certificate of Origin from the Top Three US Brands

Why wont major US brands give certificates of origin?

How can these brands claim it is proprietary when one is not asking for a formulation but the source of one ingredient which they make claims about yet cannot confirm? Where is the transparency? You can call our source in the Netherlands.

Listen to our podcast on this subject on our podcast page.


What is Medical Grade Magnesium?

Therapeutic grade magnesium? Medical grade magnesium? Full spectrum magnesium? This should be about purity, right?

We create weaker humans, weaker genetics, heart problems, and calcification issues (arteries, arthritis, etc.) by glossing over the actual source of  magnesium.  Glycinate, Citrate, etc. are just processes but what is the magnesium source? How was the actual molecule obtained? This is key. Natural, clear-stone magnesium layers from bischofite strata are the real deal and the true medical grade with zero chemical solvents!

The #1 preferred source in Europe by doctors at the Magnesium Health Institute. Seek Zechstein Inside® brands only in GLASS.

CBD and Magnesium Oil – The Detoxification Miracle

How to clean out heavy metals, endocrine disruptors, excess blood sugar, excess blood ammonia, improve digestion and bring back your vitality.

Two  miracles combine. Plant and Mineral. Green and blue. Internal and external applications. Inside and out. Full spectrum detoxification and healing. Use this double synergy as a weapon against the poly-toxic environment :

1)  Transdermal Magnesium Oil –Zechstein Inside® certified products contain a “stickier” molecular magnesium. Purified by nature and not through chemical purification which is the industry-wide practice. This natural purity has a higher chelation effect attracting many modern day toxins and heavy metals which are then detoxified. We use GLASS bottles to avoid contamination of endocrine disruptors. 2) CBD oil, cannabidiol extracts from a relative of the hemp plant which has virtually no THC, addresses a fundamental system within our organism called the endocannabinoid system. The ECS controls signals for pain, anxiety, digestion, and endurance to name a few of its major roles. The recent discovery of the Zechstein Sea underneath Northern Europe in Veendam, Netherlands has led to a significant treasure or “white gold” as it is called in Veendam. Most brands will never mention the name of an actual city, as most magnesium is imported from Asia and then remarketed. A true European source of pure magnesium for external application (massages, baths, transdermal application). Why is the source so important, are not all magnesium products the same? No. Our source provides raw-state magnesium chloride due to a natural salt-pillow formation at 1 mile underground. These pure layers of magnesium chloride cannot be recreated as this is a natural purification process of 250 million years. Other brands without this quality and certification of origin must chemically treat and isolate the magnesium chloride using solvents. They employ industrial purification. Our unique source is removed from modern-day pollution and can provide the necessary magnesium purity to efficiently recharge our cells and deep tissues. Magnesium may mitigate many common symptoms of various pathologies by restoring the body’s nervous system, healing our circulation, the key to life, and detoxifying aluminum and mercury from the body. Keep in mind that the detoxification effects and chelation properties of magnesium are severely reduced when using refined and chemically treated magnesium oils, which dominate 90% of the market today. Beware of clever “Genuine” or “Authentic” Zechstein marketing, using off-site labs, self-certification or a dash of true Zechstein magnesium mixed with mostly Asian, solvent-extracted, chemically purified magnesium. Of course they will never tell you that. Prefer Zechstein Inside® certified brands in healthy glass. Use daily for the first 4-6 months. As for hemp, hemp is a sort of western bamboo crop, and has been historically used in England for boat sails, ropes, and tarps. Hemp was also eaten in times of famine. It can be transformed and used as paper, furniture, packaging, gardening, bedding, clothing and many other applications. CBD Oil (not hemp seed oil) which is extracted from a relative of the hemp plant is nearly void of THC, the psychotropic compound, but is rich in cannabinoids and can be used for many situations: for anxiety, pain, digestion, endurance, or as an anti-stress remedy.

What is CBD oil? How can magnesium oil  create the foundation for an effective CBD treatment?

CBD oil may play a key role in counterbalancing the opioid and prescription anti-depressant epidemic in America by offering a safer alternative. To be clear, CBD oil will not replace all anti-depressants, but for certain cases especially for physical depression and anxiety. CBD oil has interesting effects when taken orally and transdermally and works in synergy with Transdermal Magnesium -Zechstein Inside®. Always buy transdermal magnesium in GLASS bottles to avoid contamination with the endocrine disruptors found in soft user-end plastics.  Do not mix CBD oil and Magnesium oil, as this will not produce the desired effect. Use CBD oil internally while using the magnesium oil externally. It is such a wonderful discovery to see the master mineral working alongside such a powerful plant remedy.

How do CBD oil and Magnesium Oil work together?

Magnesium deficiency creates inflammation in the blood and tissues. Many doctors, like Dr. Mark Sircus and Dr. Gregory I. Liou, believe that neuropathic conditions come from an overload of glycoproteins in the blood, which damage the nerves. Whereas the endocannabinoid system in the body, when stimulated or informed by repeated doses of CBD oil, preserves glutamine synthetase which is carried out by the liver, kidney and by astrocytes along the brain barrier. Glutamine synthetase allows for ammonia to be removed from these critical organs and blood, reducing inflammation, which is the etiologic starting point of cancer. Ammonia is found in excess from adulterated protein-rich, high-protein, low-fat, and low-gelatin diets, but is unfortunately a needed solvent  for our overworked kidneys and liver filled with toxins and aluminum from the environment, in the water supply, from soy, from vaccines, antibiotics, pollution, from nano-aluminum sprayed into the air from above, or from concrete manufacturing. Ammonia breaks down the aluminum. And magnesium detoxifies aluminum among other toxins through chelation and opens cellular pathways, while the CBD oil helps to soothe the nerves during this process. Teamwork ! In synergy, a real chance of full-blown detoxification is possible. Dr. Mark Sircus believes that this plant and mineral combination can reverse our diabetic tendency. I feel the majority of society is moving towards this pre-diabetic state at an alarming pace. Much of our obesity comes from stored toxins and endocrine triggers in our daily environment. The body has not yet found the right combination or pathway to be able to release these toxins. Studies have shown that certain ECD’s (endocrine disrupting chemicals) including BPA, and even the more common, phtalates, found in soft plastics, can be removed from the body through transpiration. Sadly, a healthy amount of daily transpiration is hard to find in our air-conditioned world. This is a truly American part of our detoxification problem. It’s no wonder that sports/dance/exercise-oriented people are thinner, because they detox more. And the master mineral, magnesium, of which there are over 800 studies on MEDLINE exits the body through transpiration. Having a higher molecular purity or being “stickier” our Transdermal Magnesium allows for a greater chelation of many different toxins and heavy metals which are then expelled through the sweat glands, among other pathways. REMEMBER : Magnesium is the foundation on which the plant is built. Magnesium is at the center of the chlorophyll molecule. The foundation must be laid first for the plants’ active principles, in this case the cannabinoids, to find maximum effect. Magnesium deficiency is the first priority, as inflammation cannot be lessened without adequate daily magnesium. Begin with A four months per year Annual Supply of Transdermal Magnesium – Zechstein Inside® applied daily, then layer in the CDB oil treatment. We do not sell CBD oil.

The Threefold Magnesium Mystery

Excerpt below from the book “The Mysteries of Nutrition – Life Changing Ideas to Heal the Body”

“Why did the ancient inhabitants of the region known today as Greece, which became the founding culture of Western civilization, begin around Magnesia? Did the Greeks have knowledge of the regional soft stone that could be dissolved with water into a viscous brine and used on the skin, directly or through natural spring formations? Did that knowledge allow for zero magnesium deficiency, contrary to our 95% deficient Western culture of today, and therefore allow for the stronger bones, tissues, nerves and brains of our ancestors?. Can we truly find full health if this valuable wisdom of the past is not recovered and brought into a modern light and application?”

The outer Sun converts cholesterol into vitamin D in the skin. This partial conversion is assisted by magnesium dependent enzymes in the skin. The word “enzyme” comes from the word “Sun”. After transport, further conversion is done in the liver and the kidney to create the storable (25 dihydroxy vitamin D) and the fully active form of Vitamin D (1.25 dihydroxy vitamin D), respectively. The storable form is found in the fatty tissue.

Whereas iron is the central molecule or sun of hemoglobin, magnesium is the sun or central molecule of the chlorophyll constellation. Magnesium is also the active ingredient in bioluminescence along with manganese. Magnesium is known in metallurgy to give off the brightest light of all—white light. This process also creates UV light. Magnesium acts as an inner Sun to further assist the outer Sun by magnesium-dependent enzymes’ hydrolysis and hydroxylation of vitamin D. This inner sun is also active in the conversion and storage of the nutritional input of vitamin D. The beginning of this activity between vitamin D and magnesium happens in the skin. Transdermal magnesium is often applied to the solar plexus, the center of the nervous system.

Through magnesium’s desaturation of fats, via increased activation of the ATP cycle and overall up-regulation of catabolism and metabolism, obstacles are cleaned out from the blood—including LDL cholesterol. Magnesium also acts as a natural blood thinner, reducing thromboxane and allowing for a less sticky or coagulated blood.

On the other hand, magnesium protects the noble fats, myelin sheaths and the neuroplasticity of the synapses, nerves and tissues. Magnesium reduces lipid peroxidation through its protective and preserving role via its mineral rich, water-bearing properties of slightly granular (traction) viscosity. Magnesium even assists in the conversion of omega-3’s into anti-inflammatory prostaglandines.

Magnesium is able to do all of this inner sun, catalytic and connective activity by its presence alone at the intracellular level. In threefold fashion magnesium works into the etheric life forces.

“All that is flexible is alive, all that is rigid is dead”

Lao Tzu


The mystery of magnesium is akin to the mystery of flexibility. Flexibility and preservation are linked. Calcium makes the teeth hard, magnesium renders the teeth flexible—when combined the teeth have strength. Without flexibility the tissues, bones, or cellular structures become rigid, overly permeable, lacking in local viscosity or at worse—they die. One example, magnesium helps the hemoglobin’s oxygen transport functions via magnesium-dependent structural flexibility and magnesium-dependent viscosity—not too sticky nor too dry. Magnesium assists the formation of the sigmoidal surface of the hemoglobin platelet allowing for better uptake and off-loading of the oxygen molecule—increasing oxygen efficiency. The flexible structure itself is a product of magnesium’s role in buffering the calcium input to insure magnesium flexibility in the structures of the body, including the cell, and provides a healthy viscosity due in part to magnesium’s water carrying capacity. This also insures the right shape and form (discocytes) to the platelets allowing them to better fit in the capillaries and deliver nutrients to the body.

Magnesium is also natures calcium channel blocker. This key function reduces inflammation via down-regulating the contractions caused by too much calcium in the blood and tissues. 30% of the cell’s energy is used in trying to remove calcium from the cell. Magnesium buffers this process and allows for the cell wall structure to ensure itself from rigid apoptosis (cell death) by limiting or incorporating magnesium into the structure—rendering it more flexible. This flexibility contributes to the selective permeability of the cell wall whereas without magnesium the cell becomes too permeable. Calcium without magnesium causes inflammation, brittleness and cracking which also renders the cell wall hyper permeable. So to summarize, we first have a structural deficiency caused by a previous magnesium deficiency, then to that can be added an active deficiency of magnesium in the cells and tissues which create an imbalance in the local viscosity, enabling a hyper permeability and cracking.

Well Distributed Executive Power

Magnesium also regulates the immune system. Imagine a lattice structure sprinkled with diamonds. Let us say that magnesium represents the diamonds. Noble minerals have astounding effects on harmful bacteria by their presence alone. This well distributed executive is a key to how the structures defend themselves before any immune system police are called. In the Wild West, only groups of bandits could rob banks, because everyone was armed and a lone-shooter would be dead before he could even get a hold of the money. This principle holds true as sentinels built into the structure, capable of regulating the innate immune system (macrophages, granulocytes, etc.) and having their own bacterial resistance can provide a more perfect protection. This network also runs through the nervous system allowing for the right neuro-plasticity for better nerve conduction via neurotransmitters which are also magnesium dependent.

The Spark of Cellular Exchange

Whether we are talking about chelation, uptake, bonding, enzyme conjugation, catalyzation, detoxification or the regulation of membrane transport, magnesium is the spark.

Taken from the article “Magnesium and Chelation”

In the living body, enzymes play a key role in cellular interactions. Magnesium is involved in all of these interactions through the enzymes’ own dependence on magnesium for a more perfect transformation, catalyzation, chelation or conjugation. Magnesium is an essential factor for enzyme and hormone efficiency. Many supplements which have been made outside the body such as magnesium malate, magnesium citrate, magnesium aspartate, magnesium glycinate, magnesium threonate, etc., differ from the R-form, natural and mirror molecule within the living body. The body creates these forms from the base magnesium chloride molecule by acidification processes combined with lipid molecules (fats) to create what it needs internally. This does not mean that these supplements do not have value as they can be helpful in certain situations. However, once the transdermal route for magnesium chloride is understood fully in the future, as it was in the past through the Roman and Greek thallasso, bath and thermal culture of Antiquity, we will realize that the skin is the ideal, yet overlooked, place for these transformations into the various magnesium combinations the body needs.

Malic acid is a well known chelation agent of aluminum in the body. Aluminum is one of the most pervasive toxins in the environment and in the body. Malic acid is not only found in apples but it is also found at the cellular level and is part of the ATP cycle, known as the malate-aspartate shuttle. Magnesium combines with malic acid to form magnesium malate, which becomes a fierce detoxifier of aluminum in the body. Many cosmetics use malic acid as it falls under the category of AHA (alpha-hydroxy acids), beneficial catalysts in the propagation of skin cells and tissue regeneration. The skin, as a barrier, has a natural acidity. The acids in the skin act not only as a protective agent, but as in the process of fermentation, they help create a living flora on the skin. When applied, magnesium chloride brine, the base form of magnesium from the sea or from crystallized sea strata within the Earth, penetrates into the skin and combines with these acids in the first layer, then fats in the next layers, to be better assimilated and used by the body.

Magnesium is also a well known antagonist to the fixation of aluminum (along with calcium), if optimal levels of magnesium are maintained. Nutrient-dense nutrition alongside the transdermal application practiced by our ancestors, as mentioned above, is key here. In France, doctors still prescribe bathing in certain mineral-rich waters found throughout France for many different conditions from rheumatism, to fatigue, stress, and lung disorders. Many in America have forgotten these traditions.

Magnesium is also an antagonist to cadmium, lead, nickel, and beryllium absorption in the body. Increased magnesium intake facilitates the elimination of cadmium through urinary excretion. Magnesium along with a healthy metabolism is also antagonistic to lead absorption in the vital organs.

What is the best source of magnesium for the modern population?

A naturally formed soft stone called bischofite, found in the crystalized Zechstein Sea deposits underneath the city of Veendam in Holland, contains the only form of pure magnesium chloride. 95% of magnesium oils, magnesium chloride, magnesium carbonate and the base magnesium that is used to create most supplements come from chemically treated, solvent treated magnesium deposits. These deposits must then be “upgraded”, the industry-wide term for this, to separate the “derivative magnesium” from potassium, heavy metals and other contaminants such as bromine (Dead Sea) or mercury (Salt Lake). This magnesium is stripped and sterilized to be the isolated substance MgCl. Whereas natural magnesium chloride, being pure in its natural state without contaminants, allows for a better uptake by magnesium dependent enzymes. These enzymes, in turn, create stronger bonds, more efficient conjugation and more efficient uptake, through their acidic conjugations, such as magnesium malate, to better remove aluminum and other toxins. One does not need a study to know that one can build better with the stones that nature intended.

Why are glass containers so important ?

If, instead of pouring pure, low-oxygen sealed, 1000 liter cubes of magnesium oil into glass bottles, one decided to pour this substance into thousands of user-end, soft, made for appearance, thin plastics we would effectively increase by 500% the level of exposure of the dry-oil substance to endocrine disruptors and micro-plastics. Endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDC) absorb quickly into the oil when one multiplies the surface area contact. Additional leeching would occur, during storage and usage, as the plastic degrades in contact with halogens, lighting and oxygen. This would not only reduce the initial quality of the substance but it would limit the magnesium’s capacity, through magnesium-dependent enzymes in the body, to remove these same endocrine disruptors from the body. “First, do no harm” is the first rule of medicine. However EDC’s found in the tissues can be removed and reduced through transpiration. Transpiration has been proven, in animal studies, to remove these chemicals in conjunction with adequate magnesium levels. These two components are also found in sweat samples. It is a simple logic that the less you contaminate yourself with EDC’s, especially for such an important mineral such as magnesium, the less effort (years) it will take to remove them.

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