Become a Reseller

If you are a retailer or distributor and are interested in reselling our products, please  send us an email here. We will send you wholesale order information. We offer a 30-day delay on payment for all storefronts and internet resellers. For larger orders (pallet or half-pallet) we have volume discounts. For organic chain stores we can work directly or with distributors according to the needs of the retailer. Our products are in over 1000 brick and mortar stores in France and Europe, as well as many online shops. Our U.S. LLC company is now seeking long-term partnerships in the US market.



Looking for Dynamic and Exclusive EXPO and Tradeshow Resellers (one for each State)

Be your own boss in 2020!

Help people find real solutions to the growing magnesium deficiency.

Be a pioneer for the coming transdermal magnesium health explosion.

Make between  3000 – 10,000 dollars a month.

The Heart of Tradition is seeking one EXPO and Tradeshow wholesaler for each state in the country. Our products sell like hotcakes, they attract people without fail. Our experience has shown that one person can sell between 40 and 100+ units per day. If you hire a helper for the day who has tested the product, one can sell 90+ products per day. That is a minimum of 4500 dollars in sales per weekend or 2250 in profit for the reseller. If you can drive to 2 weekend events per month in your State, or find a weekly market or venue,  one can make 9000 in sales and an additional 1400 in sales for a third assistant. With booth rental at 1000 and assisistants paid at 100 per assistant per day, that leaves you with 4500 profit per month (minus gasoline), while only working 2 weekends ! Overmore, you would be helping people find a natural solution to the health paradigm, the master supplement.

We can provide the initial setup, popup banners, popup table signage, flyers and materials needed to sell (a 1500 dollar value). We are hoping to find one exclusive expo reseller for each State, who can resell our products, pay for his or her own expo, tradeshow or exibitor booth and drive to as many expo’s in his or her State as possible each month. This product, being topical, is considered a cosmetic product and can fit in any where as a body and beauty product. As this product touches many needs, one can find a host of venues such as: organic and natural foods festivals, expos, tradeshows, outdoor and indoor markets, some farmers markets, natural foods, body care markets, yoga festivals, CBD festivals and expos, alternative and integrative medecine tradeshows, fybromyalgia awareness, Lyme disease awareness, naturopathic expos, pharmaceutical and cosmetic tradeshows and expos, massage, wellness, fitness, seniors, training, sports, skin, hair, dental tradeshows or other such fairs, festivals or markets.

Contact us to get started : [email protected]