CBD and Magnesium Oil – The Detoxification Miracle


How to clean out heavy metals, endocrine disruptors, excess blood sugar, excess blood ammonia, improve digestion and bring back your vitality.

Two  miracles combine. Plant and Mineral. Green and blue. Internal and external applications. Inside and out. Full spectrum detoxification and healing. Use this double synergy as a weapon against the poly-toxic environment :

1)  Transdermal Magnesium Oil –Zechstein Inside® certified products contain a “stickier” molecular magnesium. Purified by nature and not through chemical purification which is the industry-wide practice. This natural purity has a higher chelation effect attracting many modern day toxins and heavy metals which are then detoxified. We use GLASS bottles to avoid contamination of endocrine disruptors.

2) CBD oil, cannabidiol extracts from a relative of the hemp plant which has virtually no THC, addresses a fundamental system within our organism called the endocannabinoid system. The ECS controls signals for pain, anxiety, digestion, and endurance to name a few of its major roles.

The recent discovery of the Zechstein Sea underneath Northern Europe in Veendam, Netherlands has led to a significant treasure or “white gold” as it is called in Veendam. Most brands will never mention the name of an actual city, as most magnesium is imported from Asia and then remarketed. A true European source of pure magnesium for external application (massages, baths, transdermal application). Why is the source so important, are not all magnesium products the same? No. Our source provides raw-state magnesium chloride due to a natural salt-pillow formation at 1 mile underground. These pure layers of magnesium chloride cannot be recreated as this is a natural purification process of 250 million years. Other brands without this quality and certification of origin must chemically treat and isolate the magnesium chloride using solvents. They employ industrial purification. Our unique source is removed from modern-day pollution and can provide the necessary magnesium purity to efficiently recharge our cells and deep tissues. Magnesium may mitigate many common symptoms of various pathologies by restoring the body’s nervous system, healing our circulation, the key to life, and detoxifying aluminum and mercury from the body. Keep in mind that the detoxification effects and chelation properties of magnesium are severely reduced when using refined and chemically treated magnesium oils, which dominate 90% of the market today. Beware of clever “Genuine” or “Authentic” Zechstein marketing, using off-site labs, self-certification or a dash of true Zechstein magnesium mixed with mostly Asian, solvent-extracted, chemically purified magnesium. Of course they will never tell you that. Prefer Zechstein Inside® certified brands in healthy glass. Use daily for the first 4-6 months.

As for hemp, hemp is a sort of western bamboo crop, and has been historically used in England for boat sails, ropes, and tarps. Hemp was also eaten in times of famine. It can be transformed and used as paper, furniture, packaging, gardening, bedding, clothing and many other applications. CBD Oil (not hemp seed oil) which is extracted from a relative of the hemp plant is nearly void of THC, the psychotropic compound, but is rich in cannabinoids and can be used for many situations: for anxiety, pain, digestion, endurance, or as an anti-stress remedy.

What is CBD oil? How can magnesium oil  create the foundation for an effective CBD treatment?

CBD oil may play a key role in counterbalancing the opioid and prescription anti-depressant epidemic in America by offering a safer alternative. To be clear, CBD oil will not replace all anti-depressants, but for certain cases especially for physical depression and anxiety. CBD oil has interesting effects when taken orally and transdermally and works in synergy with Transdermal Magnesium -Zechstein Inside®. Always buy transdermal magnesium in GLASS bottles to avoid contamination with the endocrine disruptors found in soft user-end plastics.  Do not mix CBD oil and Magnesium oil, as this will not produce the desired effect. Use CBD oil internally while using the magnesium oil externally. It is such a wonderful discovery to see the master mineral working alongside such a powerful plant remedy.

How do CBD oil and Magnesium Oil work together?

Magnesium deficiency creates inflammation in the blood and tissues. Many doctors, like Dr. Mark Sircus and Dr. Gregory I. Liou, believe that neuropathic conditions come from an overload of glycoproteins in the blood, which damage the nerves. Whereas the endocannabinoid system in the body, when stimulated or informed by repeated doses of CBD oil, preserves glutamine synthetase which is carried out by the liver, kidney and by astrocytes along the brain barrier. Glutamine synthetase allows for ammonia to be removed from these critical organs and blood, reducing inflammation, which is the etiologic starting point of cancer. Ammonia is found in excess from adulterated protein-rich, high-protein, low-fat, and low-gelatin diets, but is unfortunately a needed solvent  for our overworked kidneys and liver filled with toxins and aluminum from the environment, in the water supply, from soy, from vaccines, antibiotics, pollution, from nano-aluminum sprayed into the air from above, or from concrete manufacturing. Ammonia breaks down the aluminum. And magnesium detoxifies aluminum among other toxins through chelation and opens cellular pathways, while the CBD oil helps to soothe the nerves during this process. Teamwork ! In synergy, a real chance of full-blown detoxification is possible.

Dr. Mark Sircus believes that this plant and mineral combination can reverse our diabetic tendency. I feel the majority of society is moving towards this pre-diabetic state at an alarming pace. Much of our obesity comes from stored toxins and endocrine triggers in our daily environment. The body has not yet found the right combination or pathway to be able to release these toxins. Studies have shown that certain ECD’s (endocrine disrupting chemicals) including BPA, and even the more common, phtalates, found in soft plastics, can be removed from the body through transpiration. Sadly, a healthy amount of daily transpiration is hard to find in our air-conditioned world. This is a truly American part of our detoxification problem. It’s no wonder that sports/dance/exercise-oriented people are thinner, because they detox more. And the master mineral, magnesium, of which there are over 800 studies on MEDLINE exits the body through transpiration. Having a higher molecular purity or being “stickier” our Transdermal Magnesium allows for a greater chelation of many different toxins and heavy metals which are then expelled through the sweat glands, among other pathways.

REMEMBER : Magnesium is the foundation on which the plant is built. Magnesium is at the center of the chlorophyll molecule. The foundation must be laid first for the plants’ active principles, in this case the cannabinoids, to find maximum effect. Magnesium deficiency is the first priority, as inflammation cannot be lessened without adequate daily magnesium.

Begin with A four months per year Annual Supply of Transdermal Magnesium – Zechstein Inside® applied daily, then layer in the CDB oil treatment. We do not sell CBD oil.

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