Q- What is the difference between Transdermal Magnesium “Zechstein Inside®” and magnesium from Asia (from Tibet, China, Himalaya, Mongolia etc.)?

A- The difference is of great importance. See our chart “Why is it important to know the origin of magnesium? ” and our schema “The Truth About Magnesium Extraction” (go to our HOMEPAGE to read further). 80% of the world’s magnesium comes from Asia, mostly from the Qaidam industrial basin in China which is located on the “Qinghai-Tibet” plateau where asbestos and gas are also extracted. These low quality magnesium oils are heavily processed derivatives from potassium mining and have been “upgraded” and chemically cleaned to be sold around the world. Then comes the marketing to cover up the origin, methods of extraction and the purity of the product. They may even use the word “Zechstein” which cannot be legally protected and is often used to cover up the true origin of the product. Words such as “Genuine” or “Authentic“ Zechstein without the “Zechstein Inside®” logo may be using the word Zechstein abusively.

1) Ask if you can call their actual source (extraction site).
2) Ask if they chemically treat their products (with solvents).
3) Ask for this information in writing.

Q – What is the difference between magnesium from an ancient sea (the stratum of the ancient sea Zechstein) and magnesium from the open sea?

A – In order to make magnesium oil with sea water or inland salt water brine it is necessary to concentrate the mineral salts which concentrates the pollution and heavy metals into the brine. Thermal or chemical processes then separate the magnesium from contaminants. These generic products undergo consequent transformations thus losing nature’s raw, unadulterated qualities and such products are often inexpensive. Our high quality products cost only 12 dollars per month for the needed 2 – 6 month application and we believe it is wise to find the best quality you can for such an important and prevalent mineral deficiency.

Q- How do we extract the magnesium ?

Our extraction process is unique and ecological using only natural local spring water to dissolve the pure magnesium chloride salt layers. No need to separate the magnesium from other components, as is the case for other sources, because the stratum is pure magnesium chloride. This reality is a natural phenomenon which cannot be recreated elsewhere. Local spring water is also analyzed to ensure its purity. Certified by Zechstein Inside® (Netherlands). Total transparency. Just call the source in the Netherlands. No transformation or refining. We let nature filter, clean and purify the crystals of magnesium for us over 250 million years.
Always be vigilant as to the mode of extraction of magnesium. The truth is that chemical purification and “upgrading” (for the separation of potassium and heavy metals) are systematic in this industry. Without the “Zechstein Inside®” logo, chemical purification is the norm. Our extraction is unique because the source itself is pure.

Q – How much should I apply?

A – A “progressive” application is the only rule to follow. To begin, you can apply 5-10 pumps (1/2 to 1 teaspoon) per day on the abdomen for 3 days in a row. Subsequently, you can apply it to other parts of the body gradually. Our 200 ml bottle contains 2 months of application and the 100 ml bottle contains one month of application. Children at least 5-6 years of age and pregnant women may use our transdermal magnesium diluted with 50% water on the calves and feet.

If I eat well, why do I need magnesium supplementation ? Click on the image to find out.

Q- Why do I feel a tingling sensation when applying Transdermal Magnesium?

A – A tingling sensation is often felt for those who need the magnesium the most. However the absence of tingling is not necessarily a sign that you do not need it. Most of the tingling fades with time. If the tingling sensation is too strong, you can dilute the transdermal magnesium in 50% spring water before application. Progressively, you can increase the concentration. Keep in mind that a sensitive area can also improve just by doing the daily application on the calves or abdomen.

Q- How do I store Transdermal Magnesium?

A- Room temperature. The product can be kept 250 million years! The protective glass ensures the non-contamination by phthalates and other endocrine disrupters contained in soft plastics.

Q- Is this an organic product?

A- Since magnesium is a mineral, it is not cultivatable and is therefore not certifiable. On the other hand, it is delivered with a certificate of purity, analyzed by lot and the origin verified (Netherlands).

Q- Is Transdermal Magnesium diluted with water after extraction?

A- No. Pure spring water (analyzed for purity) is sent underground where it mixes with the crystallized Zechstein Sea magnesium layers. This solution, magnesium oil, is then brought back up to the surface. We use  100% of this dry oil in our products which contain many naturally occurring oligo-elements. Nothing else is added. The dilution is naturally 31% magnesium chloride. The fact that we mention the saturation of 31% magnesium, in print on our website, guarantees a maximum concentration and is a transparent business practice. Many dilute their products before sale without mention. We do not.

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