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Apply :
• Massage 10 to 20 pumps on the body at least 20 minutes before showering (ex. abdomen, calves, etc.) once a day, morning or evening, then rinse off the excess without using soap on the chosen area.  Some prefer to leave it on for longer, or all night.

… or every morning : apply 10-20 pumps (or 1 tsp) of Transdermal Magnesium on the calves (on dry skin or wet skin if needed). Allow to dry 10 minutes before dressing.

… or every night : massage 10-20 pumps (or 1 tsp) of Transdermal Magnesium on the abdomen, allow to dry before putting on pyjamas, and leave for the night.

4 consecutive months per year using 10-20 sprays per day for the standard optimisation. Many use all year long. Most athletes, those with certain conditions and those seeking long-term detoxification also use more abundantly.

Other applications for Transdermal Magnesium

  •  Before/after sports activities: apply to the desired area and massage well. Allow it to absorb on the skin at least 20 minutes. Rinse if necessary.
  •  For sleep: massage on the abdomen (add essential oil of chamomile if necessary).
  •  As a mouthwash or for dental care, dilute with 80% water for daily use, or use pure if needed for pains, weekly. Keep in the mouth 1 to 20 minutes or as needed.
  •  For the throat and chest during the winter: gargle for 5 minutes in the shower then massage a daily amount on the throat and chest (with Ravintsara essential oil if needed).
  •  Many athletes apply it all over the body 30 minutes before showering or training.
  •  For cold sores: Apply a magnesium soaked cotton (organic) to the area to be treated for one hour (works effectively only at the beginning of the manifestation).
  •  For skin problems: apply to the area to be treated. Avoid direct contact with acne, apply only in the surrounding area. Best results come after 2-6 month usage.
  •  To soothe minor headaches: massage a few pumps on the temples and cervical area.
  •  To improve certain skin problems: apply 5-10 pumps mixed with unrefined shea butter or follow a daily application of 2 to 6 months.
  •  For hair care: massage 5-10 pumps on the scalp and leave for 30 minutes. Some clients use the scalp to detoxify  aluminum or other heavy metals.