Joint Inflammation

Improve joint inflammation and arthritic attacks with transdermal magnesium.


For many people who suffer from arthritis and joint inflammation, relief can come from magnesium, a vital mineral which is the number 1 deficiency in the world. Magnesium is involved with hundreds of enzyme processes within the human body, so less-than-optimal levels could significantly impact your health and even lead to elevated levels of inflammation, including joint inflammation.

When your body has low levels of magnesium, oxidative stress occurs, which can trigger inflammatory and arthritic symptoms. Know that these oxidative reactions can be prevented with magnesium, since it is an effective antioxidant and because it is known to enhance enzymatic functions, like protein synthesis, energy metabolism, and many hormonal processes. Overcoming a magnesium deficiency can also help manage the body’s inflammatory responses, nourishing the nervous system and thus reducing joint inflammation overall.

At Heart of Tradition, our transdermal magnesium comes from one of the purest sources of this mineral in the world. Our Zechstein Inside® trademark assures zero chemical treatment as well as the origin of our products. Our magnesium also comes in glass bottles, which prevents contamination caused by endocrine disrupters found in soft user-end plastics. Additionally, our caps are BPA, BPS, and phthalate-free to ensure the complete purity of our magnesium.

The master mineral, magnesium can reduce joint inflammation for increased mobility and functionality throughout your day. If you have questions or want to know more about the Zechstein Inside® difference, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at Heart of Tradition. Boswelia, bee venom therapy, Artigem gemmotherapy, homemade 24-hour broth and some quality tumeric ( can be used as well in this case.