From a Pristine Crystallized Sea One Mile Below
the Scandinavian North Sea

Benefits of Zechstein Inside®
Full Spectrum Magnesium

The skin is an organ. It is capable of absorbing,
storing, filtering and even redistributing vitamins
(Vitamin D) and certain mineral salts (Magnesium).
A ubiquitous distribution system without comparison.
Already used by many sports doctors in Canada, Great-
Britain and the USA, Transdermal Magnesium Spray
may be used for a multitude of applications.
Magnesium is the master mineral, affecting 750 known
processes in the body.

The benefits of magnesium are many!

Here are just a few :

* Stimulates local blood circulation.
* Relieves muscle aches associated with sports activities.
* Relieves pain associated with sports activities
such as cramps, pain, inflammation and tendonitis.
* Improves skin problems.
* Reduces Cellulite (Mg is a major collagen and elastin co-factor).
* Accelerates wound healing.
* Helps to restore sleep quality.
* Calms and maintains the nervous system.
* May increase concentration and memory capacity.
* Hair care and facial care.
* Dental hygiene in mouthwashes and gum healing.
* Calming periodontal pain.
* Reduces muscle tension through massage.
* Can help alleviate cold symptoms.
* May calm headaches, earaches and the ENT sphere.
* Promotes the detoxification of toxins and heavy metals.
* Contributes to the improvement of the cardiac sphere.
* Plays a key role in the sexual sphere and fertility.

Even More Magnesium Benefits

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“Without enough daily magnesium, the body accumulates toxins and acid residues,  degenerates rapidly and ages prematurely.”

Dr. Carolyn Dean


Is cellulite reduction efficient with Transdermal Magnesium ‘Zechstein Inside®’?

First things first, how does our diet play into the creation of cellulite?  How does excessive carbohydrate consumption (carbs, pastas, breads, rice, juice, fruits, sugars) in this “sugar century” contribute to our cellulite? A small handful of fiber-rich quality carbs with your balanced meal of protein and some cooked, some raw, and some fermented vegetables is not the same as a pasta meal with a soda or juice.There is a huge difference here! The body uses some of the carbs we eat for energy, but every gram over the needed carb limit per meal can be transformed into saturated fat  that is then stored throughout the body.  This transformation or conversion process is a backup system in the event that saturated fats of good quality are not to be found in the environment. In former times, there was an adage that said that the daily consumption of butter made the skin beautiful. However with the modern demonization of noble saturated fats, we have lost a fundamental ally in the  strengthening of our skin’s actual structure, in reducing inflammation, in helping us avoid the dry skin phenomenon and in the effective removal of toxins (through the lymphatic system and the bile for example). Which brings us to the other point of concern which is how do toxins contribute to our difficulty in reducing, removing or releasing cellulite and how does the “Zechstein Inside®” Transdermal Magnesium play a favourable role in regenerating the structure of our tissues and thus in the elimination of toxins? We have listed the known  functions of magnesium which demonstrate its essential role in the reduction of cellulite, a widespread problem affecting 90% of women today.



Magnesium contributes to our structural development and is necessary for the synthesis of DNA and RNA, especially in the conjunctive tissues. All the components of this essential connective tissue, in which we store cellulite, depend on magnesium. Four macro-molecules form the conjonctive tissue:

  •  Collagen: high quality magnesium is needed to modulate its synthesis and degradation.
  •  Elastin: high quality magnesium is needed to modulate its synthesis and degradation.
  •  Proteoglycans: regulated by magnesium and allow the conjunctive tissues to resist compression.
  •  Glycoproteins:  regulated by magnesium and allow tissue healing.


Magnesium is a crucial factor in the natural process of self-cleaning and detoxification within the body. Muscle contraction, which depends on magnesium, works in tandem with the lymphatic system for the elimination of lipids from the interstitial fluid. Some of these lipids return to the bloodstream to be filtered by the liver, with the secretions of the gall bladder to finally be eliminated in the stool with these lipophilic toxins.


Magnesium is needed for energy production, metabolism, phosphorylation and glycolysis. Magnesium also plays a role in the active transport of calcium and potassium ions through cell membranes, an important process for the conduction of nerve impulses, muscle contraction and heart rhythm. In other words, the healthy rhythm of the body!

Why use Transdermal Magnesium “Zechstein Inside®”? Can any magnesium be used for these effects?

 The purity of our magnesium is a major asset in detoxifying the body. It is the ONLY Transdermal Magnesium extracted with spring water, without refining or chemical purification. Chemical purification is the industry standard due to low quality source material.  Our products undergo zero transformation. A truly raw, natural state product.

 The “Zechstein Inside®” is the first choice recommended to doctors by the European Magnesium Health Institute.

 We use noble glass to avoid the contamination of phthalates due to soft plastics. Endocrine disruptors and their effects are real, several studies confirm their harmful effects on the hormonal system, leading up to cancer and even from small amounts of daily doses.

 You can contact our source directly to check the quality and origin of our products (Source: Zechstein Inside® Netherlands, crystallised sea 2 km underground).

 We have an advantage over thalassotherapy and spa based minerals because our magnesium is not contaminated by modern marine pollution or radioactivity.

“Endocrine disruptors, toxins and heavy metals are eliminated, in part, by the sweat glands. This is why exercise is so important for weight loss. Its about detoxification.”


Can strength and performance be increased with Transdermal Magnesium Zechstein Inside®?

To regain libido, sex hormones must be adequately present and available for use in the body. Not only for sexual drive but also for fertility, metabolism, weight control, circulatory energy, performance and endurance. The male hormonal system is marked by an abundance of testosterone for the efficiency of these functions. Magnesium is directly related to the production of hormones, it is an important co-factor. Outside of magnesium deficiency are there other obstacles to this delicate hormonal balance?

Environmental toxins have a significant impact on the hormonal system, which includes testosterone production, especially estrogen-mimicking toxins such as soft plastics. To remind our readers, here is a non-exhaustive list of environmental toxins: pharmaceutical medicines, synthetic chemicals, additives, some preservatives, some binders, fillers, food coloring, recreational drugs, alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, heavy metals, volatile aluminum dispersion through concrete manufacturing or used to clean public water systems, or present in cookware, frying pans, non-stick pans, also plasticized boxed juices, phthalates contained in soft plastics, bisphenols, nano-particles, VOCs, GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, WiFi, bluetooth, 5G towers and radioactivity. After such challenge the link between sexual hormone imbalance and environmental toxins becomes clear. Most of the above factors being directly correlated to estrogen dominance and the consequent limitation of our glandular and hormonal system.  Fortunately, magnesium addresses  the two major axes of this problem.



The key to  strength lies in the understanding of testosterone. Testosterone is the main factor in all areas of performance: sport, bodybuilding, sexuality, metabolism, hair growth, to name but a few. Below are 5 studies that lead to the same conclusions regarding the correlation between magnesium and testosterone.

Magnesium releases bound testosterone and makes it more bioactive. This happens because the mineral inhibits SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin), the molecule that binds to free testosterone, making it unavailable for receptors. (


One gram of magnesium is sufficient to increase free testosterone levels by 24% in combination with intense exercise.


In a study of 400 participants, researchers found that in older men, elevated levels of serum magnesium (via blood analysis) correlate with higher levels of testosterone.


The result of this study-review can be summarized by this clear sentence: “There is evidence that magnesium has a positive influence on anabolic hormonal status, including testosterone in men.”


In this study, researchers found that Gitelman’s syndrome (which causes imbalances in magnesium and calcium levels) often results in delayed puberty in young boys. This delay in puberty would probably be caused by low levels of testosterone, caused themselves by low levels of magnesium and calcium. (


Magnesium is a crucial factor in the natural process of self-cleaning and detoxification within the body. Muscle contraction, which depends on magnesium, works in tandem with the lymphatic system for the elimination of lipids from the interstitial fluid. Some of these lipids return to the bloodstream to be filtered by the liver, with the secretions of the gall bladder to finally be eliminated in the stool with these lipophilic toxins.

Magnesium is required for:

-The synthesis of the primordial antioxidant: glutathione, the great detoxifier of the organism.

-Transporting a number of nutrients through the membrane into the cells.

-Improve insulin secretion and help transport it to the cells.

-Eliminate damage to DNA generated by environmental mutagens and toxins.

-Active transport of calcium and potassium ions through cell membranes.

-Stimulate the potassium / sodium pump on the cell wall, triggering the cellular cleaning process.

-Protect the brain and heart from the toxic effects of chemicals.

-Protect cells from aluminum, mercury, lead, cadmium, beryllium and nickel.

-The detoxification and chelation of heavy metals.

-The elimination of toxic ammonia from the body.


For general application : 10 sprays per day for one year.

For cellulite: 6-12 month application (12-24 months depending on the level of cellulite). Apply to affected areas (10-20 pumps), massage well, let it sit for 20-25 minutes, then shower / rinse without soaping or lathering the chosen areas.

For detoxification : 4 month application (6 months if necessary). Apply to the upper body (10-20 sprays), let sit for 20 minutes. Shower / rinse without soaping or lathering the chosen areas.


Just A Few More Benefits

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Muscle Pain Relief

Do you struggle with cramping and inflexible muscles? Are you looking for a natural source of muscle pain relief? Transdermal magnesium may help with your symptoms and prevent the soreness that limits your ability to function normally, while increasing stamina and performance.

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Skin Care

Almost every time you turn around, it seems as if another element, ingredient, or supplement is touted as good for your skin. Although you disregard many of them, magnesium is one you should seriously consider, thanks to the many benefits it can provide when included in your skin care routine.


Tooth Pain

The human body requires proper levels of magnesium to fight off illness, prevent inflammation, and support nearly every system. However, most people today do not get enough magnesium naturally within their diet, which can result in a variety of conditions, including tooth pain.

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Poor Circulation

Although you can try to eat more leafy greens and other foods that possess high levels of magnesium, this is often not enough to help your body achieve proper magnesium levels to improve poor circulation and other related problems. Standard blood does not reveal adequate magnesium levels, as magnesium is not stored in the blood but in the tissues.


Joint Inflammation

For many people who suffer from arthritis and joint inflammation, relief can come from magnesium, a vital mineral which is the number 1 deficiency in the world. Magnesium is involved with hundreds of enzyme processes within the human body, so less-than-optimal levels could significantly impact your health and even lead to elevated levels of inflammation, including joint inflammation.