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Magnesium Oil

Resolve a magnesium deficiency for greater overall wellbeing.

Magnesium is critical to overall wellness, but most people lack proper levels to support the body’s many functions. In fact, every cell within the body uses magnesium in some form, and it is essential for joint, muscle, bone, and tooth health in addition to optimal stress reduction and sleep quality. Magnesium deficiencies continue to be a widespread issue because of lifestyle factors that actively reduce magnesium levels. These factors can include excess stress, lack of sleep, and caffeine/sugar consumption, among others. Additionally, many natural resources containing magnesium today, like the soil used for farming, are losing their abundance of this vital mineral.
Magnesium Oil

The solution to many conditions attributed to magnesium deficiency is the consistent application of magnesium oil. However, selecting the right magnesium oil is key to reaping the most benefits. Our magnesium oil provides the following advantages over other sources:

  • Reliably sourced—For better detoxification and results from magnesium oil, purity is a key factor. Our oil is sourced from the Zechstein Sea, the purest known source of magnesium in the world. Always verify the Zechstein Inside® logo!
  • No transformation—We do not refine or chemically treat our products. True raw magnesium provides the greatest benefit, and we protect this need to keep our magnesium free from unwanted chemicals and contamination.
  • Healthy glass bottles—We use noble blue glass bottles to prevent contamination from endocrine disrupters, which often leak from soft plastics.

At The Heart of Tradition, our magnesium oil is the best choice for your whole family. Experience the benefits of regular magnesium application by purchasing products from our online store today!