Magnesium Chloride Oil

Our magnesium chloride oil supports the body’s systems for improved wellbeing.

Magnesium Chloride Oil

Magnesium chloride oil, or transdermal magnesium, is a topical product that can be applied directly to the skin and then absorbed. Many substances applied to the skin today can be directly absorbed into the bloodstream, which is why certain medications are delivered through a skin patch. One should be careful about applying certain complex cosmetic products to your body and face.

A completely natural product, magnesium chloride oil is used today by many to relieve pain, reduce acne and cellulite, promote better sleep, reduce muscle cramps, and enhance overall wellbeing. When used regularly, our magnesium chloride oil can solve magnesium deficiencies many people experience today, and as a result, provide relief from many common ailments.

The key to experiencing maximum benefit from magnesium chloride oil is purchasing and using a product that is sourced properly. We source our transdermal magnesium from one of the purest, non-contaminated sources of magnesium in the world, and we only use spring water during the extraction process to preserve the potency and purity of this mineral. Our trademark Zechstein Inside® ensures the origin of our magnesium oil and zero chemical treatment. Additionally, our glass bottles assure the non-contamination of endocrine disruptors, and our caps are BPA, BPS, and phthalate free. The “Zechstein Inside” certification is essential because many claim “Genuine” or “Authentic” Zechstein using chemically purified, low-quality products with self-created, off-site certification schemes. Zechstein Inside certified products are superior products because they have never been chemically purified. We let nature do that!

If you are new to the world of transdermal magnesium, or if you’re anxious to try a new source, contact us at Heart of Tradition today to place your order. We are also happy to answer any questions you have, so feel free to reach out.