Pure Magnesium Oil

Pure magnesium can help support your body’s systems and functions.

Pure magnesium oil has a multitude of applications, and it can help restore depleted stores of magnesium within your body. The master mineral, magnesium is needed to support hundreds of your body’s systems, yet many people lack optimal magnesium levels and experience associated problems as a result. At The Heart of Tradition, our pure magnesium oil is sourced from one of the purest sources in the world, and we never use chemical processes to refine our products.

Pure Magnesium Oil

What are some of the benefits of pure magnesium oil? For many people, magnesium can aid in alleviating cramps, muscle stiffness and soreness, inflammation, and tendonitis. Others who use magnesium use it to reduce periodontal pain, support their nervous system, reduce the appearance of cellulite, accelerate the wound healing process, and enhance the quality of their sleep at night.

Using our pure magnesium oil is easy, and you can apply it however you feel most comfortable. For example, you can apply our magnesium on your abdomen, calves, and other areas of the body about 10-20 minutes before you shower, and then rinse off the excess without using soap on the chosen area. You can also apply it in the morning approximately 10 minutes before you get dressed or on the abdomen before you put on your pajamas for the night and go to sleep.

However you use it and however you choose to apply it, pure magnesium oil can help you optimize magnesium levels and even reduce common ailments.

We use only 100% unrefined Zechstein Inside® raw-state magnesium oil. We do not cut our magnesium with cheaper processed magnesium. Many brands mix low-quality and high-quality magnesium together to save money yet retain their marketing claims. This ‘mixing’ changes the product significantly.

To place your order or to find out more about the many benefits of magnesium, reach out to us at Heart of Tradition today.