Natural Magnesium

Our natural magnesium is sourced from an ancient sea to provide maximum purity.

Natural MagnesiumA master mineral, natural magnesium affects up to 750 known processes in the body, making it essential for optimal function and wellbeing. However, environmental factors, like stress and lack of sleep, as well as the reduction of natural magnesium from natural sources, like the soil used in farming, leaves many people with deficient magnesium levels. Poor sleep quality, difficulty concentrating, muscle cramps, periodontal issues, and a variety of other conditions may result.

The solution is to apply natural magnesium to the skin with the natural, uncontaminated products we offer at The Heart of Tradition. When applied with regularity, natural magnesium can help with pain, inflammation, tendonitis, muscle aches, skin issues, cellulite, and wound healing. It can also assist with calming headaches, increasing concentration and memory, restoring sleep quality, and much, much more.

The difference between our natural magnesium and other products on the market is exactly that – it’s natural. Our magnesium comes directly from the purest source of magnesium in the world – the Zechstein sea. It is also packaged in noble blue protective glass bottles to prevent the contamination that occurs from the endocrine disrupters often found in soft plastics. Always verify the Zechstein Inside® logo!

Enhance your body’s systems with the natural power of magnesium and experience how it can benefit your health in a myriad of ways! You can purchase our magnesium products conveniently through our online store, and we welcome you to contact us directly if you ever have any questions.