Increase Blood Circulation

Increase blood circulation and support the circulatory system with transdermal magnesium.

If you have poor circulation, you may experience numbness and tingling in your extremities, cold hands and feet, swelling in your lower extremities, cognitive dysfunction, fatigue, joint pain, muscle cramping, and even digestive problems. You may have tried everything to increase blood circulation, including taking a prescription medication to ease your symptoms. While other remedies may have helped, you are looking for a long-term, natural solution that can provide relief.

Increase Blood Circulation

Transdermal magnesium from The Heart of Tradition can help the body to optimize magnesium levels, one of the keys to good circulation, thanks to its multitude of benefits for the body’s many processes and the local circulatory system in particular. Simply apply the magnesium oil to the area of the body where you experience poor circulation and notice how this simple action provides rapid relief. For example, if you struggle with poor circulation in your legs and feet, apply our magnesium oil to these areas in the morning or at night for 2-4 months to enhance blood flow beneath the surface.

Our magnesium can increase blood circulation not only because it contains such a powerful mineral, but also because our oil is the purest on the market today. The “Zechstein Inside” certification is essential because many claim “Genuine” or “Authentic” Zechstein using chemically purified, low-quality products with self-created, off-site certification schemes. Zechstein Inside certified products are superior products because they have never been chemically purified. We let nature do that!

Assist your body’s circulation with transdermal magnesium. Place your order today and feel free to contact us at Heart of Tradition if you have questions about the power of magnesium, the master mineral, and how it can help increase blood circulation.