Tooth Pain

Find natural relief from tooth pain with magnesium.

Tooth Pain

The human body requires proper levels of magnesium to fight off illness, prevent inflammation, and support nearly every system. However, most people today do not get enough magnesium naturally within their diet, which can result in a variety of conditions, including tooth pain.

When you bring up tooth pain to your dentist, they will probably inform you on the essentials of flossing and give you a new toothbrush. As undeniably necessary as brushing and flossing are, they cannot address deficiencies. What is needed, however, is a way to re-mineralize your teeth to enhance their strength, destroy bacterial colonies within the teeth and surrounding tissues, and thus reduce or even eliminate pain.

At Heart of Tradition, we suggest magnesium for tooth pain because this vital mineral is needed for the proper structural development of the teeth and to help your body properly absorb calcium, which is also a mineral needed for strong teeth. Magnesium gives teeth their flexibility and strength and calcium their structure. Try transdermal magnesium for cavities, root canals, dental pains or general maintenance, and you may soon notice a difference in your tooth pain, as well as the overall strength of your teeth.

Our magnesium comes from the ancient Zechstein Sea, where some of the purest sources of crystalized magnesium strata-layers exist in their natural state. We only use spring water to dissolve these layers, and then this “brine” is bottled it in its raw, natural state without using any sort of chemical purification. This allows the magnesium molecule to retain its chelation properties, which allows for greater detoxification and chelation in the tissues of the body. The “Zechstein Inside” certification is essential because many claim “Genuine” or “Authentic” Zechstein using chemically purified, low-quality products with self-created, off-site certification schemes. Zechstein Inside certified products are superior products because they have never been chemically purified. We let nature do that!

If you have questions about how magnesium can help with tooth pain, we are here to provide as much information as you need. Contact us at Heart of Tradition today to speak with one of our representatives.