Natural Medicine

Magnesium is a new approach to natural medicine you should try.

Natural Medicine

Natural medicine is a beneficial alternative for those who feel like they’ve tried everything to overcome certain health conditions and symptoms with no luck. At The Heart of Tradition, we contribute to the world of natural medicine with natural, non-contaminated transdermal magnesium in noble blue protective gas bottles to prevent endocrine disrupters.

Do you struggle with fatigue, poor concentration, excessive muscle pains following exercise, or trouble sleeping? Magnesium is a form of natural medicine that can restore the body’s systems and provide noticeable benefits for a variety of functions. Magnesium is a crucial mineral that supports cell function in many forms, so becoming magnesium-deficient is associated with many consequences that can hamper overall wellbeing.

To use transdermal magnesium as part of your natural medicine routine, simply apply it to your skin. We recommend applying between 10 and 20 pumps anywhere on the body (i.e. the calves or abdomen) at least 20 minutes before showering. Once in the shower, simply rinse off the excess without using soap. Some people prefer to apply before bed and leave it on all night, and that method works well, too, depending on your preferences.

Are you interested in seeing the benefits of transdermal magnesium for yourself? Visit our online store to purchase transdermal magnesium from our lineup of products. You can also give us a call directly if you have questions.