NUTRITION AS REMEDY – Why Most Americans Cannot Find Foods that Heal


For recovery, reconstruction, to maintain health, to find the will to act and for stable, focused energy without the need for stimulants or sugar stimulation.

Find a homeopath who is trained in the Sankaran system, Vital Sensation Method, through or by searching online for an able practitioner who can help you find your unique remedy.

Take the threefold remedy : Zechstein Inside® transdermal magnesium oil in glass + fermented cod-liver oil or canned cod livers or high vitamin Rosita cod liver oil + Walkabout unrefined emu sipping oil and Alpine butter oil/cod liver oil gel from green pastures. Working on the body, heart and brain at the same time. For my version of this remedy or if one needs to heal faster, the threefold remedy can be used by replacing the emu oil with foie gras lobes, or canned imports and the cod liver oil can be replaced with bottarga (fermented fish eggs).

Quality organ meats, once a week. In a compromised food system, the vital organs and especially the blood are the least compromised. Do not overcook. Prefer non-soy-fed. Hunters, do not waste these! Unheated honey + intense Dijon mustard sauce (an important daily source of sulfur—sulforaphane), horseradish sauce or other homemade sauces can help with the taste. An abundance of liver pills are not the same thing, but they are better than nothing. Or make Easy Liver Paté from this book weekly. If on most American or deficient soil, see the details of the recipe and how to add cooked blood to make up for the impoverished soil in this key recipe. See the red/white, active and passive principles in the body which are laid out in the Vegetarian to Omnivore chapter.
You can even make your own vitamin rich ground beef using soy-free kidneys, livers, hearts, gizzards of all sorts from farmers markets instead of ground beef (mostly from chickens, turkeys, ducks or cows) and make taco meat by running these through a manual meat grinder and then combining this meat with celtic salt, einkorn flour or toasted Eastern flours, a beaten soy-free egg and a layer of fried, beyond organic (uglier pock-marked potatoes at farmers markets), potato hash. This amazing taco meat can be served with homemade mayo, homemade whipped Devon cream and chives, homemade tzatziki, or pico de gallo. I prefer the northern creamy variety than southern spicy for these delicious wraps. I also like to combine both. This is great with hunted venison meat as well which is in abundance in many parts of the USA despite what one may think to the contrary.
Minimum 1-2 soy-free, fertile, unsoy-fed farmers or duck eggs per day. The best eggs are often rare, even at the farmers market, and they are either from heirloom chickens, breeds of chickens laying greenish eggs, or from hens that are fed little to no feed at all (chicken feed is often called “candy”). Foraging hens are best. I prefer small eggs. Some soy free eggs use non-organic peanut protein, others use soy-fed fish. Once found, make eggs anyway you like, or for the best digestibility you can poach for 3 minutes in a small pot with some white vinegar and water then strain on a towel or mesh. I prefer to fry or to soft-boil eggs, keeping the yolk raw, then serve in a ramekin with unfiltered olive oil, frontier brewer’s yeast and a spoon-full of fish eggs (without preservatives). You can also beat the eggs with Devon double-cream for fluffy french-style omelettes. Do not overcook.
2 to 3 soup spoons of yellow butter per day. European style, slightly fermented butters that are imported from Europe are the best. Find a butter with body, which folds like taffy, or has a stand-alone flavor profile. My favorites are from Finland, France, Germany, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, New Zealand, Iceland or iodine-rich local Jersey or other A2 raw butter.
Bottarga (fermented fish eggs), 1-2 blocks per month minimum. Fermented vitamins. Full profile including active selenium. In conjunction with foie gras, the Phoenician culture found the equivalent of Weston Price’s vitamin-X butter oil and cod liver oil combination he spoke so highly of. One contains the fermented vitamins, the other the X-factor. These two items are eaten at most Jewish festivals in Europe today. Great for vitality especially when taken together.
Homemade lacto-fermented sauerkraut and its brine to be consumed daily, or as needed.
Unsmoked canned cod livers from Iceland found in Russian or European shops.
Crab and lobster fat, roe and tomalley (liver). These line the shell or can be found in the head or body. They have much more nutrition than the white meat, which is secondary to most cultures.
12-24 oysters a week minimum for zinc and libido. Shuck yourself. 1-3 teaspoons per day of fish eggs. $1 per day if bought from Russian or European shops. Great source of digestible daily iodine. Especially if you live in an iodine-poor region or have thyroid issues. See below to learn how to make orange vitamin butter using fish eggs.
Prefer home-fried foods using imported moulard duck fat, lard, beef tallow, half butter/half olive oil mix, organic peanut oil, palm oil, ghee, some sunflower oil, etc. Interesting fact : fish and chips were traditionally fried in beef tallow and this tradition began with frying the tails as they were the least desired. Everyone has access to light frying with a butter and olive oil mix. You can even make your own breading using a toasted sourdough baguette run through the food processor or blender. Although its best to source properly at farmers markets, keep in mind that certain cooking techniques including home frying can reduce the quantity of contaminants from food according to a major study done in India. This is in addition to proper sourcing not to replace it, especially as we know that the Monsanto executives at the FDA are gutting the organic label each year.
Steak tartare every so often made from grass-fed bison, elk, deer, New Zealand lamb shanks or steaks, grass-finished beef heart, Australian steak, small-farm un-soy-fed meat and raw, soy-free egg yolk and condiments. It is best to finely cut the meat yourself so that the tartare is fresh, not packaged. You may also sear each side rapidly if you eat tartare more often as many cultures, including those of Europe, would sear the edges of the meat before eating raw. Add some capers, onions, pickles or a mild-spiced sauce.
Homemade chicken, beef, lamb or fish stock. 1-3 small bowls per day, added to soups, sauces, etc. This helps with concentration, overall healing, mineral absorption and improved digestion. Also consider the tradition of 1 roasted chicken per week to increase tryptophan, which helps us sleep better. High tryptophan will only be found in smaller, wild-style hens with slender bodies, soy-free hens from small Amish farms, less expensive soy-free stew hens from farms in or out of state, local heritage breed hens, imported hens from specialty shops, wild turkey or equivalent. You can tell the quality of a chicken by how much gelatin it produces for a soup and how soft or hard the bones are after making a 24 hour broth. The long bones’ shaft section should not break.
A small fresh glass of homemade organic carrot juice + 1 dollop of whipped jersey, artisan or imported creme fraiche for the skin tone, overall color and the lungs. This drink was given in hospitals in Germany in former times for tuberculosis and convalescents. Coconut cream without additives or emulsifiers may be used, just remember that plant-based cream without retinol may steal retinol from the liver causing nausea or indigestion in some.You may also use imported Devon double-cream which has been mixed with a beaten egg and optional maple syrup then mixed with carrot juice and frozen for creamsicles which are thyroid neutral. As for quantity, if making daily carrot-celery-ginger juice, especially without cream, only consume roughly 2 fingers on a pint glass per day, but do regularly. Such a small daily quantity is perfectly assimilated and bring minerals, zinc (if the ginger is of high quality, not oversized), and the antioxidant carotene to the body without triggering hyperglycemia, weight gain or mineral wasting. Weston Price was against juicing as a general rule as this “seems” to be so healthy but can backfire without the right boundaries and understanding of quantity. This can also be part of the fertility list below.
Make orange vitamin butter by smashing salmon eggs into some clotted or whipped Devon cream, unheated honey, gently melted butter, frontier brewers yeast (optional) and let re-harden in the refrigerator.

Homemade, lacto-fermented and thick beet juice for the blood. Mixed with whipped thyroid-neutral Devon cream. As well as Eastern Borscht beetroot broth soup, served cold or hot.

Two soup spoons per day of raw local honey or equivalent unheated, cold-packed or ‘really raw’ honeys at the end of the meal. Compact honey will retain enzyme activity longer.

A small finger of butter + unheated honey to replace dessert at meals and facilitate digestion.

Raw, whole 6% fat Jersey milk or even double-boiler slowly pasteurized, high-fat, high-grass, high iodine milk to make farmer’s cheese or homemade custard. Prefer milk farms in colder climates to ensure fatty grasses unless the warmer region has other positive attributes such as iodine-rich vegetation. For the most part, the northern climates are best for milk. If one can only find semi-nutrient-dense milk, this milk can be enhanced with 2 raw small farmer, soy free eggs, bourbon vanilla extract and raw honey. This technique can eliminate any mucus production caused by milk for many. If milk interferes with your thyroid, no matter how it is prepared, then you must find calcium and fat replacements. Healthy butter is thyroid-neutral for most and should be spared.
2-3 teaspoons per day of Frontier Brewers Yeast (non-organic version). Important supplement. Great with eggs, green beans, makes salads tasty etc.
Brotrunk is a lacto-fermented, alcohol-free vinegar drink made from bread. Mix brotrunk with naturally sparkling water which can be found in Russian shops imported from Georgia. These sparkling waters taste salty and unlike Perrier, or other commercial brands, do not tire the kidneys. Add raw honey and drink 1-2 times per day for vitality or as a pre-digestive tonic.
According to your needs, replace some daily water with diluted broth, diluted soups, fermented whey, fermented drinks, vegetables rich in water content, homemade glyphosate-free oat milk/water, etc. As for water, use glass bottled water from historic springs, European if possible, for cooking and drinking.
Consume heirloom vegetables, baby vegetables, rustic salads and root vegetables.
Homemade coconut water kefir. Coconut water, without kefir fermentation, can trigger insulin spiking in many. I like to blend the young coconut meat with the coconut water thereby creating a semi-colloidal milk which slows down the sugars in the coconut water and enhances libido (along with lobster tomalley, octopus, oysters, foie gras, fish eggs smashed with Devon home-whipped cream, raw soy-free eggs, quality tribulus, shockwave therapy if necessary etc.).
Kombucha. Try to find the brands that have the most herbal or medicinal taste with less sugar. If you are avoiding alcohol, find a more sugary brand of kombucha or make it yourself. Pure spring water sourced kombuchas are hard to find (central market brand). Most use standard filtered water which removes less than half of the available toxins out there. Refrain from kombucha if going through an acid state. If you have become sensitive to the radioactive, atrazine or at best endocrine disrupting chemical water used in all commercial drinks, then just drink glass bottled water (preferably European or Russian) with some unheated honey and sometimes ginger in the mouth to remineralize the water.
Hot packs using organic castor oil over the liver for detoxification, for the chest, for the flu or wherever there is pain for 1-6 days per month according to your needs.
Transdermal Magnesium – daily and progressive cure of 6-12 months using certified Zechstein Inside® magnesium oil in glass bottles. This is part of the ‘threefold remedy’ mentioned above.
Use Herbalgem brand gemmotherapy, a form of European herbal therapy which uses the buds of plants in small dilutions. A remarkably sustainable practice. Much more effective than other types of plant and tincture based therapies due to the rich source of plant hormones found in the buds. Many systemic problems of detoxification, hormone regulation and drainage from target sites are addressed. Order online.
If experiencing acidity, consume 1/8th teaspoon of baking soda (not powder) 1-3 times per day with water and black molasses alternating on and off every 2 weeks. Calibrate intake with inexpensive ph strips until you find the right alkaline nutrient intake and this remedy is no longer needed, or only used punctually. Imported, naturally salty bi-carbonated waters (in glass) from the East (Borjomi, Yessentuki, etc.) would be the natural way, but these must be sought out. Richard’s Rainwater is also a great option for sparkling water without the PFAS chemicals found in Topo Chico. Always get these waters in glass.
Use an EMF protected, silver woven bed canopy. Shield or replace any smart meters or install reflective wallpaper, special grounded paint or EMF protection material between you and these meters. Heal any dirty electricity connected to these meters, heal any magnetic wave pollution caused by bad wiring, grounded water lines or other appliances (see the chapter Making it Better).
Wear EMF reduction clothing, especially undergarments—year round—but also while pregnant. Look up your address on to ensure that no cell towers are within a .28 mile radius of you. Buy an EMF tri-field meter. Proper full-wall shielding of all walls in the line of fire is a must or move out.
Buy an IQAir air purifier for the bedroom (see this topic throughout the book).
Practice gratitude for your life and the lives of others.
Practice humility and forgiveness daily.


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