Poor Circulation

Lessen the effects of poor circulation with transdermal magnesium.

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Within the human body, magnesium plays a critical role within the operation of the endothelial cells, which line the blood vessels and promote better blood flow. Magnesium can reduce inflammation within the blood vessels and promote the proper operation of the endothelial cells for improved circulation and reduced chances of atherosclerosis.

Although you can try to eat more leafy greens and other foods that possess high levels of magnesium, this is often not enough to help your body achieve proper magnesium levels to improve poor circulation and other related problems. Standard blood does not reveal adequate magnesium levels, as magnesium is not stored in the blood but in the tissues. At The Heart of Tradition, naturally sourced magnesium that can help with a variety of health conditions can be purchased for less than $13 a month.

If you struggle with poor circulation, we recommend applying our transdermal magnesium directly to the skin and letting it absorb. We suggest applying it before bed or at any other point when you have time to let it fully absorb into your skin for maximum benefit.

Our transdermal magnesium is 100% natural and comes from the only natural state of magnesium that has never been refined chemically or purified using unnatural processes. Anyone can contact our source in the Netherlands to verify the quality and origin of our products. The “Zechstein Inside” certification is essential because many claim “Genuine” or “Authentic” Zechstein using chemically purified, low-quality products with self-created, off-site certification schemes. Zechstein Inside certified products are superior products because they have never been chemically purified. We let nature do that!

If poor circulation is a condition that limits your ability to go throughout your daily life with normalcy, increasing your body’s magnesium levels may help. Contact us at The Heart of Tradition today if you have any questions or if you would like to place an order.