Part 1- The Mysteries of Nutrition – Life Changing Ideas to Heal the Body (Last Edition)

Author : Daniel the Naturopath.

16 Chapters (226 pages)

Daniel the Naturopath is an American raised, French trained, traditional food oriented naturopath, who uses modern and traditional ideas combining scientific knowledge and intuition for a refreshing, solution focused, perspective on today’s challenges.


-Explore traditional wisdom combined with modern applications.

-Understand why nutrient density is important.

-An in depth view or esoteric view of nutrition.

-Heal gluten and dairy allergies.

-Heal your home, air and water.

-Heal EMF pollution in your environment.

-Learn to use food as medicine in a repetitive way to overcome sickness, weakness, lack of stamina, increase libido, recovery and healing.

-Understand how to find imports which are essential in America to overcome widespread soil deficiency.

-Live a life without stimulants.

-Why and how traditional foods have been banished by industrialization.

-Find the keys to natural health and live the whole life cycle free of pharmaceutical slavery.

-Find the strength to overcome the prison the body can become without proper understanding.

And much more.