27 Pages. Paperback.

This book was written out of an amazing group experience of recovery. It provides a concentration of decades of recovery wisdom distilled into a format which can be used by all people who seek inner unity. Born out of the emotional sobriety movement, which has helped so many. Our goal was to bring this wisdom out into the world at large.

– Recover the Symphony of Principles found within the Heart such as honesty, surrender, trust, vulnerability, courage, leadership, decision, perseverence etc.

– Partner or group-study questions, including a thorough self-inventory.

-Learn internal and external boundaries, first and foremost, and help others along the way by your example.

– Find balance between the soul and the spirit, between the common welfare and the individual.

– Heal your relationships by coming from a place of deeper structural harmony and compassion.

To succeed in this, it is suggested to do the work laid out here. Building a bridge to the heart.

This book is published anonymously and its contents may be freely passed on to others. All proceeds are donated to recovery organisations.

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