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Our Skin is Alive!

Where mechanistic and reductionist science sees death, there is often a less apparent life process behind it. The stratum corneum (the outermost layer of the skin) is embedded in cholesterol and fatty acids which lead to and from the circulatory system and lymphatic system (see photo). The cells are alive and the structures are too. The unplugged or empty hair follicules which, even if they only make up 1% of the surface of the skin, have the capacity along with each cell via magnesium transporters to bring magnesium into the deeper layers. The bathtub drain is only 1% of the bathtub but it can perform none the less.  The selective permeability of the cell membrane, with its variations of firmness or openness at any given moment, is quite a mystery to black and white thinking. Beware of patented molecule marketing lingo which tells you that only the oral route has validity. They are light years behind because they have lost their powers of observation. They are even finding vascular ganglia in the brain which cross the blood brain barrier. So everything is alive and receptive when necessary.

99% of studies are not done on actual bischofite, that is, magnesium chloride (not sulfate) in its natural state without any refining, processing, chemical treatment or extraction; without association with a cream, or aloe vera or any other interference with its cellular function (membrane transport, conjugation, uptake, bonding, enzymatic activation, etc.).  The half truth of patented molecules and pills will tenaciously resist, with plenty of well funded studies, against anything that, by greater coherency, replaces that paradigm.

Health is not possible without the wisdom of our ancestors. Magnesia was one of the key origins of Western civilization for a good reason: without the transdermal wisdom and without the soft stone natural magnesium chloride deposits in their local region, they would not have been able to maintain the bones, the mind, the heart, and the very tissue of our existence in an optimal state–leading to the degeneration of the species. The bath culture of Greek Antiquity was not about soap and hygeine but about overcoming magnesium deficiency. Every cell in the human body contains a magnesium transporter not  a CBD transporter or aloe vera transporter but a  magnesium transporter. Why? Because man was meant to bathe in the sea and this primordial connection of how the body begins to take in the magnesium chloride upon seconds of entering the ocean is an intuition the Greeks had. They loved the Loutraki thermal bath so much they copy and pasted it into the whole of their society using the same heat and limestone. This limestone (dolomite) and the mortar made from it was a porous 50% magnesium stone which they would subsequently heat. They knew and maintained this wisdom for those with their eyes open to history. We will not regain our health without their guidance, that is, without an open, receptive and reverant mind. Experience is a big part of wisdom and most of our experince is not in a labaratory. Life is not theory. It must be lived.

Does magnesium oil really absorb through the skin?

7 studies to prove that transdermal magnesium absorbs into the body through the skin.

We have posted 5 out of 7  studies of which we were able to obtain downloadable copies below. More studies are available online. Despite the overall resistance to natural state products which cannot be patented, transdermal magnesium is making its way toward the center of the health conscious.


Study :  Transdermal delivery of magnesium in vitro

Result : Absorption through the skin started with immediate effect

Study : The impact of transdermal magnesium on serum levels and whole body CaMg ratios
Result : Magnesium uptake 5 times faster than tablets

Study :  Migraine Action Association Study
Result : Magnesium reduces severity and frequency of attacks

Study :  Transdermal magnesium chloride effects on the quality of life for patients with fibromyalgia
Result : Significant benefit for fibromyalgia sufferers

Study : Permeation of topically applied magnesium ions through human skin is facilitated by hair follicles
Result : Hair follicles significantly contribute towards topical magnesium absorption by up to 40%.

Study :  Effect of transdermal magnesium cream on serum and urinary magnesium levels in humans
Result : Transdermally applied magnesium chloride significantly increased magnesium levels in participants

Study :  Effect of transdermal magnesium absorption on rate of detoxification of heavy metals
Result : Transdermally applied magnesium significantly increased magnesium levels in participants and increased detoxification of heavy metals.


5 Key Studies (click each to download) :