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How to maintain healthy teeth, fight cavities, disinfect root canals, and consistently reduce tooth pain with Transdermal Magnesium Oil – Zechstein Inside®

Personal Story. I had root canals as a teen and cavities due to all the fast food and sugar I ate as a child. I eventually had the root canals removed by cavitation surgery which was able to eradicate deep recesses of bacteria, formed under the jawline, through scraping and detoxification protocols. As an adult I have had to follow traditional food guidelines to keep at bay the acidity which attracts these bacteria and degrades the enamel of the teeth. Transdermal Magnesium saved my life, because it works fast, preventing further decay and killing these bacteria deep inside the tissue structure.

How does it work? Can I do this with any magnesium oil ?

Well you will need to make sure you have the right product first as there are many look-a-likes. Avoid diluted products because even if it is not mentioned on the bottle , many brands dilute. This changes the molecular weight of the product which should be 31% heavier than water. This allows for deeper penetration into the tissues. Avoid solvent-extracted magnesium oils which make up 90% of the market, as they bring not only solvent residue but they have lost, through refinement, their initial chelation strength, weakening their chimio-tactical ability to attract toxins. Toxins which can then be excreted through the sweat glands or other detox pathways. Avoid plastic user-end products which bring harmful endocrine disruptors across the skin barrier. Avoid magnesium flakes, as these are good for improving the deplorable conditions of todays bath water, but they are not effective at bringing the magnesium to the cells, as they contain hydrochloric acid as a result of high temperatures during the flaking process.

Keep it simple.

  • To reduce tooth pain and clear out underlying bacterial colonies we recommend to use the product pure, 1-2 teaspoons or 15-20 pumps in the mouth. Let sit for 20 minutes, then spit. You can spit and rinse after 20 minutes, but some prefer to spit without rinsing after and just let it absorb unhindered. If you have upper teeth pain, then lean your head off the bed upside down to bathe the upper jawline.

As the pure product is lightly abrasive to the gums, you will need to dilute the Transdermal Magnesium oil for any gum issues. We do not recommend using the product pure in the mouth more than 1 time per week, unless there is a need for this. For daily use, you can follow a common dental practice, and dilute with glass-bottled spring water, 80% water / 20% Mag oil. For teeth it needs to be strong, for the gums or for frequent use, diluted. We prefer to teach you how to use our products than to market a ton of products for each application like most brands do. We see beauty in simplicity.

Why is Zechstein Inside® certification essential ?

The recent discovery of the Zechstein Sea underneath Northern Europe in Veendam, Netherlands has led to a significant treasure or “white gold” as it is called in Veendam. Most brands will never mention the name of an actual city, as most magnesium is imported from Asia and then remarketed. A true European source of pure magnesium for external application (massages, baths, transdermal application). Why is the source so important, are not all magnesium products the same? Our source provides raw-state magnesium chloride due to a natural salt-pillow formation at 1 mile underground. These pure layers of magnesium chloride cannot be recreated as this is a natural purification process of 250 million years. Our unique source is removed from modern-day pollution and can provide the necessary magnesium purity to efficiently recharge our cells and deep tissues. Magnesium may mitigate many common symptoms of various pathologies by restoring the body’s nervous system, healing our circulation, the key to life, and detoxifying aluminum and mercury from the body.  Beware of clever “Genuine” or “Authentic” Zechstein marketing, using off-site labs, self-certification or a dash of true Zechstein magnesium mixed with mostly Asian, solvent-extracted, chemically purified magnesium. Prefer Zechstein Inside® certified brands in healthy glass.

Is it possible to stabilize and even strengthen our teeth (dentine and enamel) through

Studies show that adequate magnesium levels favor cavity resistance (1). The magnesium to calcium ratio is one of the most studied aspects of healthy teeth. The calcium brings the hard structure and the magnesium brings the flexibility which creates strength.

Interesting fact, in Chinese the symbol for magnesium means “beautiful mineral”. Beautiful teeth are not possible without magnesium (2). Otherwise our teeth would be brittle.  Magnesium also slows down this hardening effect (3), which is exacerbated by an acidic Ph environment in the mouth. Adequate calcium in the saliva can pair with an equally adequate magnesium to begin this strengthening effect, stabilizing the dentine and the enamel.

Adequate magnesium levels also help other functions at the same time.

Magnesium along with Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) also form a team to create stronger enamel. Thiamine deficient newborns develop weaker enamel (6). Thiamine deficiency without adequate magnesium levels is also a major factor in obesity (6), as it creates insulin resistance. Thiamine is found in natural foods such as fermented cod liver oil, liver, homemade sushi, shellfish, oysters, seaweed, fermented grains, and brewers yeast (without MSG). Thiamine is limited by insufficient magnesium levels, as is calcium. For those of you worried about if you have the right ratio, just remember that in general, raising magnesium levels has a positive effect on thiamine usage in the body and is almost always the missing factor concerning the Ca/Mg ratio. These levels take months to build up so do not wait, start today.

Source (4) “A patient with a long-standing thiamine and magnesium deficiency is presented. Despite massive doses of thiamine i.v., the symptoms of thiamine deficiency could not be suppressed until the magnesium deficiency was corrected as well. This case report emphasizes the dependence of thiamine on magnesium for an adequate function in the body.”

The reason why it has taken us this long to re-figure this out is because we forgot to listen to our ancestors who, by their Roman and Greek bath culture of Europe, to pick one example from many cultures throughout the world, sought these mineral rich waters transdermally and yearly. After all, the origin of the bath culture in Greece was a place called Magnesia. Keep in mind that standard blood tests do not reveal optimal magnesium levels, only pathological levels, as magnesium is not stored in the blood but in the blood cells of the skin. This RBC test is well known by Western medicine, and basically points to the transdermal pathway of the ages. A primordial technology unparalleled for the proper distribution and absorption of magnesium, passing directly into the nervous system, through its reflection: the skin.

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