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What is “Zechstein Inside®” Transdermal Magnesium Spray Therapy

In the modern industrial world, the open sea is unfortunately more polluted than ever. The need to find a source of pure magnesium far removed from our present pollution in order to regain a therapeutic effect and proper detoxification, is growing exponentially.

Our Transdermal Magnesium Spray Comes from the Ancient Zechstein Sea.

Coming directly from an ancient sea located 1.6km (1 mile) underground dating back 250 million years and completely removed from atmospheric pollution, it is the purest source of magnesium on Earth by certification. It’s not just a product, but a unique story and gift of nature. The texture of transdermal magnesium spray is similar to that of a dry oil. The Zechstein Inside® unique extraction process is never heated or refined and it is bottled in its raw, natural state without the need for chemical purification, which is the industry standard for magnesium chloride. It’s all about the source. From unique mineral deposit layers found under the Netherlands this “white gold”, as they call it in Holland, is of the highest quality. We let nature do the purification for us over 250 million years leaving a raw state, pure transdermal magnesium spray as a final product.


Always Verify the Source!

“Natural and Pure” or even the word “Zechstein” is not a guarantee without the Zechstein Inside® logo. 80% of magnesium is imported from Asia where it is chemically purified and refined in difficult working conditions for export as magnesium oil. Even companies that source their products from the open sea or salt lakes must chemically “upgrade” them to clean out heavy metals and contaminants. These products are often less expensive and are sold in plastic bottles. Our unique pure magnesium chloride layers from the crystallised Zechstein Sea underneath the Netherlands are without comparison. This is the only transdermal magnesium spray to be studied for the elimination of heavy metals in the human body. Purity is the key.

Our Unique Extraction Process :
Spring Water

Our extraction process only uses spring water, which has been certified by high purity standards, to dissolve the magnesium salt layers. We offer total transparency. Anyone may call the source in the Netherlands to verify the origin and purity. This in and of itself is a rarity on the magnesium spray market as well as the magnesium pill market.

What is unique about our products?

Our products are directly from the original European source in Veendam, Holland. Most brands will never tell you the actual location or city where they obtain their magnesium as 80% of magnesium extraction is done in Asia (China, Tibet, Mongolia)  and is re-marketed to hide this fact using self-certified, off-site certificates. Why is it that the biggest brands on the American market have not been able to provide a verifiable (by a simple phone call at the source) and current “certificate of origin” when asked by consumers who have subsequently revealed this to us? This includes the most popular and trendy brands.  Many dishonest brands deem this information as secret or proprietary. We feel this is a lack of transparency. To their credit, they may have been undiscerning by purchasing solvent treated magnesium or industrial grade magnesium from dealers who falsely claim the Netherlands as the origin, going so far as to use laboratories in the Netherlands to provide their certificate of analysis (but not origin) for their mailed-in samples. The term ‘Zechstein’ cannot be protected by law. Only the trademark Zechstein Inside® can guarantee the origin and purity

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Can you call the source? That is the question.

Our source in Veendam, Holland.


It is a strong temptation to have China bottle, label and supply the magnesium as this saves lots of money as one no longer has to ship from different sources, like Holland, and bottle when they can do it all for you. Anyone can chemically “upgrade” undiscerning strata from the Salt Lakes (with high mercury), the Dead Sea (with high bromine) or even from Tibetan exploitation to create all sorts of generic products via solvents and chemicals but what we are after is a naturally made, not man made, purity. That makes all the difference. For 900 processes in your body and knowing that magnesium builds out structure for many years in the body, dont be cheap especially when our products cost less than 3 dollars a week to use. You can call our source yourselves! 

The Geological History of the Zechstein


We obtain our magnesium from the #1 Doctor recommended source in Europe, the home of the Zechstein Sea. Our products are sold in over 1000 stores in France and Switzerland.

Why does molecular purity matter?

Detoxification is the key to full spectrum magnesium spray application. Magnesium is responsible for hundreds of vital functions in the body. One major role it plays is to heal the nervous system, but there are also many studies on magnesium’s role in magnesium-dependent, enzyme-assisted chelation. Magnesium chelates toxins, heavy metals and even EDCs (endocrine disrupting chemicals). These toxins are then excreted through transpiration, among other channels. There are many studies on magnesium and chelation, and concomitantly, its role in detoxification. When the magnesium spray is pure and unrefined it retains 100% of  its chelation properties. Being molecularly unencumbered by other elements it is “stickier”, meaning it can chelate toxins better at the cellular level. Cramps, for example, come from toxins or acid residues in the tissues that are finally removed by the magnesium chelation and Mg/Potassium pump system. So pure magnesium spray in pure glass, keeps our magnesium active, uncontaminated and ready to assist in removing toxins from the body. On top of that, it addresses magnesium deficiency as well. Full Spectrum!

Why do glass containers matter?

Magnesium is involved in cell membrane transport. Magnesium contains the “keys and locks” to and from the cellular sanctuary! Therefore a magnesium molecule that is contaminated with plastic compounds delivers these compounds directly to the cell.

You will find below a list of questions, each checked box may signal a magnesium deficiency. This deficiency affects on average 75 to 90% (depending on age) of the world population.

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European “Certificate of Origin” (Netherlands)

 Ecological extraction by solution using only natural local spring water 

 Source protected 1 mile underground.

 Always sold in noble blue glass,

 Surface area of 1 million km2.