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The Mysteries of Nutrition - Part 1

The Mysteries of Nutrition

The Mysteries of the Heart - Finding Emotional Balance between Self and Others

The Mysteries of the Heart

The Mysteries of the Mind and Spirit - Breaking the Chains of our Conditioning by Spiritualizing our Thinking

The Mysteries of the Mind and Spirit

We wish for everyone, a great start on the path to healing and transformation. So to begin, the first book in our  Mysteries Trilogy : The Mysteries of Nutrition – Life Changing Ideas to Heal the Body – written by Daniel the Naturopath.

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Our nutrition book contains many nutrient dense recipe ideas. Click on the image below to see some of these power foods.  Check out “The Mysteries of Nutrition” Paperback.

Nutrient Dense Recipes
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Zechstein Cartoon

Dr. Sircus : Magnesium deficiency is not detected by standard blood tests

Transdermal Magnesium (in GLASS) and Tooth Pain

Transdermal Magnesium and Cold Sores

Transdermal Magnesium and the Bath Cultures of Antiquity

Transdermal Magnesium and Libido



Magnesium Oil Real or Fake?


Transdermal Magnesium and Detoxification


Transdermal Magnesium and Why GLASS is so Important


Transdermal Magnesium and Cramps


Transdermal Magnesium and Cellulite


Transdermal Magnesium and the Zechstein Sea 1 mile below Veendam


Transdermal Magnesium, Epsom Salts, Flakes Comparison



Transdermal Magnesium Oil – How to Use it?



Transdermal Magnesium Oil Applications



Transdermal Magnesium and Performance




Transdermal Magnesium and Flouride or Aluminum detox



Transdermal Magnesium for Anti Aging, Face and Hair Care



Transdermal Magnesium Oil – How to Apply it