What is full spectrum magnesium ?

Without 6-point full spectrum magnesium there is no real detoxification. Only the most basic deficiency is met by half spectrum magnesium which is 99% of the magnesium on the US market.

There are six major points to what one could call full spectrum magnesium :

1) The Transdermal Route

Understanding the skin as the superior and traditional method of healing this widespread deficiency. Understanding the skin’s role in bringing the magnesium chloride molecule from mineral rich waters into the body. Associating it with acidity processes and fat layers as it proceeds into the deeper tissues so it can be used by the body without a host of patented and expensive supplements. The natural way.

2) Zechstein Inside® Natural State Magnesium

Natural state magnesium chloride is found in great abundance underneath the city of Veendam, Netherlands where a unique source was created like no other place on Earth. Naturally formed Bischofite, a soft translucent stone of pure magnesium chloride found here is unequaled when compared to 99% of magnesium which is solvent extracted from generic impure deposits which use chemicals to remove calcium, potassium, mercury, bromine, etc. Only the Zechstein Inside® logo can guarantee this origin. All other fake Zechstein “Genuine” or “Ancient” products use the Zechstein name but are often imported (80%) from Asia (Tibetan exploitation) and remarketed to appear as if they are from Europe. Why does it matter? Because a solvent treated magnesium molecule has its tentacles neutered and becomes a weaker molecule. This base molecule is then used to make our supplements: citrates, glycinates, orotates, pidolates, threonates etc. In the case of threonates, the marketing is such that it is deemed the only molecule to cross the blood brain barrier. We do not oppose the need of these supplements for certain situations, but this statement is untrue. Newly discovered vascular brain ganglia allows for the lymph to enter into the brain from the cervical region. In any case the base neutered molecule for all of these L-form molecules, is less capable of conjugation, uptake, bonding, enzymatic catlyzation and can show a reduction in membrane transport capacity. Not to mention it no longer has the same power of chelation for the removal of heavy metals.

3) Glass Bottles

The “keys and locks” feature of magnesium concerning membrane transport into the cells should make one wary of associating plastic compounds, endocrine disruptors, BPA, BPS, PVC, phtalates etc. with this essential molecule. Although it is impossible to avoid these chemicals to some degree, magnesium should be free of them as much as possible. The reason is that when the tentacles of the magnesium molecule do not enter the cell with such chemicals already attached, they are capable of removing the excess of such chemicals at the cellular and intracellular level. Although transport and industry may not allow for absolute purity, it is the multiplication of surface area when pouring transdermal magnesium into thousands of soft user-end plastics that increases by over 500% the contamination of endocrine disrupting plastics. Plastic packaging is almost always a purely economical decision and therefore not an indicator of principle, especially in the case of liquid magnesium which may be contaminated easily via contact, oxidation, halogen lighting and shelf storage not to mention while using it where more oxygen based degradation happens to the cell wall of the soft plastic containers.

4) Full Strength / No Dilution

Many brands dilute the magnesium so they can reduce the tingling effect it has on the skin. They do this without telling you. It is always better to have full strength as this works best for the majority, and let the consumer dilute if needed. Once you change the molecular weight of the product by dilution it no longer penetrates the dermal layers with the same efficiency.

5) 100% Brine – Nothing added

A truly natural state molecular game-changer. Made by nature over 250,000 years. Many brands add ingredients or create complex cosmetics in order to create trademarked compositions which cannot be copied, but these added ingredients are unnecessary and alter the base function of magnesium transport. Prefer 100% natural brine (texture is like a dry oil) with its own natural oligoelements.

6) Detoxification

Without all of these factors met, the detoxification powers of magnesium are limited. One can feel a bit better taking half spectrum magnesium products which make up nearly all of the US market as magnesium deficiency is underlying many conditions today. However, as with oral supplementation and its long term effects on the kidneys, one may do some good and some harm at the same time and only get their head above water. In order to detox properly, the body needs an abundance of magnesium in the soft tissue and at the intracellular level. Full spectrum brings you above ground on a solid foundation, allowing for an exodus of toxins including endocrine disruptors which cause weight gain and fertility issues, acid residues which cause aging, heavy metals especially aluminum which is in our air, water, food, packaging, medicines etc. Finally we master the sword using ancestral wisdom and a modern format. After all the Greek and Roman bath culture centered around Magnesia for a reason. We find the right antidote for our slew of modern toxins on top of healing the base inflammation and magnesium deficiency. For only 3$ a week, the right choice is available to most everyone. WIN! WIN!

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