Zechstein Inside ® Transdermal Magnesium or Magnesium Threonate

With all the buzz around the patented and expensive molecule, Magnesium L-Threonate, we thought it would be wise to bring some common sense into the discussion of this synthetically “attached”molecule.

Magnesium Threonate is not a new creation. Although I do not doubt that it can cross the blood brain barrier (BBB), many other forms of magnesium can as well.  It is an intelligent way to control this mineral for sale, and to shift the narrative away from the growing interest  in full spectrum Transdermal Magnesium. To be fair, it may be a better choice than some other types of magnesium pills, but unseen consequences of synthetic compounds in the brain have yet to be studied pertaining to this molecule.

This magnesium mineral is synthetically attached to Threonate, which is an acid in the phosphate family which is part of the vitamin C-complex. The danger of synthetic L-form molecules is that they only mimic one part, the shell, of the natural version of the same compound. This molecule administered to the brain will lack the full spectrum of the vitamin C-complex. This forces the brain to use up the many co-factors, stored in the brain, that are naturally a part of the C-complex which contributes to new, more insidious deficiencies in such a critical organ. Co-factors such as rutin, Vitamin P, other mineral co-factors etc.

Which tissue in the human body is overflowing with the full spectrum Vitamin C-complex? The adrenals have an abundance of vitamin C, but also the conjunctive tissue and matrix in the skin’s dermal layers. Transdermal magnesium, which is magnesium chloride, the base form of magnesium in the human body blends with the full vitamin C-complex as the magnesium chloride molecule passes through the skin. This 24 hour chemical marriage in the dermal tissue allows for a natural compounding of these acids which soften the magnesium mineral rendering it more bio-available, without creating any new deficiencies as the skin does all the calculation, no pills or patented molecules or middlemen required.


If applied to the head, neck and cervical region, transdermal magnesium, can bring a direct and rapid application to this critical area. Transdermal magnésium can even be used for the removal of heavy metals and especially aluminum. The marketing for magnesium threonate is such that it is deemed the only molecule to cross the blood brain barrier (BBB). We do not oppose the need of these supplements for certain situations, but this statement is untrue. Newly discovered vascular brain ganglia allows for the lymph to enter into the brain from the cervical region. In addition, magnesium has been studied and proven to be able to chelate many neuro-toxins such as flourides, halogens, mercury, endocrine disruptors and aluminum. Time to get our brains back, the natural way, backed up by our Greek and Roman ancestors who bathed in the waters of Magnesia, in Ancient Greece.

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